Finding Happiness Post-Breakup

Breakups are never easy. So here are six fool-proof steps to help you through the heartbreak.

Step One: Cry.

Right after a breakup all we want to do is forget about our ex. We try to distract ourselves from the sting of a breakup and avoid admitting that we miss that person for as long as we can. This seems healthy until one day we just break down and sob. After crying for what seems like forever we are forced to acknowledge how much we miss our ex and what we had with them. This is the hardest thing to deal with. Believe me, I know. Post-breakup crying is when we feel our lowest and most pathetic, but it is only after this step that we truly start to move on and heal.

Two: Ditch the Sad Songs. 

Rather than wallowing in the sheets with ice cream and a Taylor Swift breakup playlist, try to listen to songs that make you feel empowered. Music has such an effect on our emotions. So stop listening to songs that bring you down. Switch those with music that makes you feel empowered. I recommend anything by Alicia Keys. She’s fierce and so are you.

Three: Go Do Something.

Pursue your hobbies. Or find some new ones! Now is the time to concentrate on one thing: you. Do what you want to do. Use this time as an opportunity to reinvent yourself!

Four: Better Yourself.

It’s time to start feeling good about yourself again and exercise is a great way to do that. So, go for a run! Or a long walk. Just do something that gets you out of your bed. It’ll make you look and feel a whole lot better.

Five: Hang Out With Your Friends and Family.

They’re always going to be there for you, so call them when you’re feeling extra sad. They know how to lift you up and make you smile better than anyone else. Use that to your advantage. You’re not alone and you can get through the heartbreak with the help of those who care about you.

Six: Embrace the Independence.

As a good friend once told me, find pride in the independence. There’s something truly beautiful about being able to make all of your own decisions. It’s all about the perspective you choose to have. You have a lot of power over the way you experience life.  Rather than viewing yourself as lonely, consider yourself more of an independent thinker. The second you stop pitying yourself, the breakup will become just another thing of the past.