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Coming to the Kent Rec: Elianae the Bellydancer

Coming Fall 2017 (and a few pop-up workshops happening THIS SEMESTER), the Kent Recreation and Wellness Center will add Bellydancing to the Group X Classes schedule. Ladies, meet your fabulous instructor: Elianae Stone. 

Her Campus: How did you get into bellydancing?

Elianae Stone: I have been dancing my whole life! I did ballet for almost 20 years all the way through college, I actually majored in dance. I was in my twenties when I found a bellydance class in Columbus and took it as a student and fell in love with the artform I’ve been belly dancing for about 14 years now.

HC: What are the benefits of bellydancing?

ES: Bellydance is low impact, and is something everybody can do regardless of shape, size, or fitness level. It tones the muscles, it stretches the body it, really works the core and the spin and a lot of areas that women a lot of women struggle with being accepting of. It also provides a safe place for women to learn these ancient movements. We use the abdomen, we use the hips, we use areas where we as women are uncomfortable with. I helps you to be more accepting with your body.


HC: What should people expect when they come to a bellydance class?

ES: Expect to have fun and relax. I really try to be supportive and enthusiastic. I really want people when they come to a bellydance class to enjoy and just kinda leave any worries or cares outside of the room. Even in today’s very modern world people are uncomfortable with moving the hips around or moving the belly around. I really try to create a safe space where you can actually reclaim those movements back and kinda come home to your body, and just have fun.

HC: What do you think makes bellydancing different from any other Group X class at the Kent Rec Center?

ES: I think we need more variety at in the Kent community and rec center. If people are like me, I did not grow up really being a gym girl, or being the first picked in gym class in school. I was always kind of artsy. So, I feel like there’s a need to like to something different that’s just not running on a treadmill.


HC: What would you say to anyone who might be nervous about taking a bellydance class?

ES: If anyone has any reservations or they’re unsure, I encourage people to check it out. I think they'll be happy if they did. It’s great exercise, it’s fun, and I would like to share my decade or so of teaching with everybody, so I hope they come out and have fun!

HC: Any final thoughts on this conversation?

ES: I want people to rest assured that everyone can bellydance. We’re all here to support each other, not compare. I’m here to help and support students and reach them where they are at. I’ve worked with people with different shapes and sizes, I’ve worked with people with disabilities, I try to approach the class as something fun that is open for everybody.


For more information, visit Elianae's website! Also make sure to follow her on social media:



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