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Cheap and Thrifty ways to Decorate your Apartment for Fall

 As the trees change color, the fall time spirit is with us all. Are you really in the seasonal spirit without the proper pumpkin, leaves and fall color décor in your living space though? Since fall is officially upon us, everyone feels the need to decorate their home, whether it be an apartment, house, or dorm room. Especially as students, we take joy out of the little things that can brighten our crazy days. Just an added touch of a seasonal decoration in your living space can add to the mood, style, and presentation of the home. Us girls all dream of being able to go to Hobby Lobby or Pat Catan’s and redo our entire home with fall galore, but of course we can’t spend a fortune on decorations that will only be out for a couple weeks per year. Decorations don’t have to be expensive to be cute and add to a living space. Here’s some tips on where you can go to decorate on a budget:

Use your local dollar store to your advantage! The dollar store has a great variety of seasonal decorations for only a buck that are marked way up in price at other stores.  I have found leaf garlands, wall décor, yard decorations, autumn colored flowers, and hundreds of DIY craft ideas at my local Dollar Tree. If you’re throwing a Halloween party or even hosting Thanksgiving, they have table runners, candles, cutlery, and other party items that you can stock up on without giving a pretty penny. When I want to find something for the cheapest price possible, I always head to the Dollar Tree first. Check out your local dollar store, you’d be surprised at what you find!

Dollar Tree, Table Cover, $1.00 per pack

If the dollar store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, go to the thrift store! If you have never been exposed to a thrift store before, have no fear! I go to the thrift store for so many things and I believe reusing and repurposing something that has belonged to someone before you is super cool. Also, decorations are less intimidating than clothes because you’re not using something that has been on someone’s body before. Employees at resale stores do a good job at only putting out decorations that correlate to the season you’re in, meaning, in the fall time, you’ll always see fall colors and autumn decorations galore! If you think about it, people only donate items they think could be reused. This means you can find some good stuff!! You’d be surprised at how many beautiful wreaths you can find for your front door. Wreaths are oddly expensive, and can totally be reused by a new owner. You could also find a plethora of unique and antique décor that cannot be found anywhere else besides a resale store.  This can make your room really stand out. When it comes to a thrift store, you can’t go wrong with trying! I guarantee you’ll walk out of there with adorable decorations at an unbelievable price. 

You’re trying to find that one item that you can’t get for a dollar at the dollar store and you had no luck at your thrift store. Now what? The next price point up on the list would be shopping at TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods or Gabe’s. Discounted retail stores like these have home décor sections that get flooded with new items during seasonal months. You can find pillows, frames, center pieces, party items, candles… just go and see for yourself what is offered. Most of these items at stores like these were once available at a more expensive store, but was sent to these retailers because they did not sell. Therefore, the price is a lot lower! The nicer, better quality brands start to roll in in stores like these, but the prices are still ridiculously cheap.

T.J.Maxx, Primitives By Kathy, $9.99


Surprisingly, you can find decorations at your local pumpkin patch or grocery store! I believe real pumpkins or squash really add to the simplicity of your living space. In my apartment, I have two pumpkins on each side of my television stand and it pulls the room together perfectly. Having a basket out of fresh fruit, squash, or gourds out on the table really wraps up the room’s atmosphere and makes the room autumn ready.

Celebrate autumn without emptying your wallet and don’t forget to check out sites like Pinterest to get DIY craft ideas!

Happy fall!


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Kent State

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