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Campus Celebrity: Eric Conway

Whether you know him as “Conway Twitty,” “E-Con” or simply “Conway,” Eric Conway has solidified his status as one of the most recognizable faces and names in the Greek community and beyond. The Tau Kappa Epsilon president doesn’t seem to be slowing his roll in terms of building up his celebrity-status, plans for his fraternity or his professional goals. Lucky for us, he was happy to explain some of his strategies, tips and personal aspirations to give an inside look at his enigmatic life!  

Age: 21 AF

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Cleveland 216

HC: How has your life changed since becoming the president of TKE?

Conway: Being TKE’s president brings about a lot of stress. It’s no secret that TKE previously had a not-so-great reputation, especially when I first joined. So, that’s probably the most stressful part about being president. Making an organization’s presence the slightest bit positive after years of being associated with the infamous phrase, “If you can’t go greek, go TKE,” has been a really difficult task. It’s been hard on me but I’ve worked very hard to bring us to where we are now.

HC: Do you have any upcoming or current plans for your fraternity?

Conway: Our concentration is on Songfest (an annual all-Greek event which will be benefiting the King Kennedy Center this year) and after that is Waffletime, our Spring philanthropy which is always a great time. 

HC: What do you enjoy most about being involved in Greek life with such a prominent leadership role?

Conway: Seeing people grow within their respective organizations is one of my favorite things. I considered myself as one of the weaker new member in my class, but here I am as president. So, honestly, anything can happen when someone joins an organization.

HC: Can you give a (PG) description of what it is like to live in a real-life frat house? 

Conway: There have been times where I thought I was smelling Ebola. Besides it being gross, I recommend living in a fraternity house because you get to see your brothers as they are unapologetically, and that, in itself, creates a natural brotherhood.

HC: You’re fairly popular on social media, do you think this is important for success in connecting to your brothers and the Greek/Kent state community? 

Conway: Quite honestly, I don’t know where this “popularity” came from. I just post my thoughts and people like them, so I roll with it. It’s 2015, and if you don’t know how to do social media right for your organization, that’s definitely an issue. Social media is accessible to all at KSU, and if you have your letters in your bio, your posts will; fortunately, or unfortunately; reflect back onto your house. But a positive social media presence will only make you more successful and look great for your chapter.

HC: Do you have any tips for individuals who are considering running for president of their student organization? 

Conway: If you want to be president of anything, be prepared for every question under the sun and I hope you’re 21 because you might catch yourself walking downtown on a Wednesday for a pick-me-up.

HC: Any tips for people trying to build their brand through social media? You seem to have done a good job of this, do you think this is important to establish this presence online? 

Conway: My only tip is to be relevant and different. By relevant, I mean use current events to promote yourself. If you only give the who, what, when, where, why, and how about an event your organization is doing, people will scroll past it. Be funny because nobody likes an off-brand cheerio.

HC: What are your career plans once you graduate? 

Conway: I actually want to work for TKE headquarters and do its PR/marketing. I check their website everyday for an opening.

HC: Do you think your experience at Kent and within TKE will contribute to characteristics that will lend to professional success?

Conway: Absolutely. TKE has brought me across the country and around the world which are experiences that few college students can say. Being on an executive board taught me how to deal with all kinds of problems and how to effectively deal with them. So, yes, I do believe my membership in TKE is preparing me for the real world.

Follow Eric on Instagram and Twitter @conway_twitty21!

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