Be Happy To Be Yourself

I’ve made the conscious decision that I’m going love myself. I’m going to bask in my personality and quirky attributes because self-loathing just isn’t fun for me. I feel like as women we are conditioned to have self-doubt. We are constantly force fed the image that we must be white, pretty, skinny, sexy but not too much, and docile. So when we are not one of those things, or any of those things, most women respond by trying to change themselves. This is when women start to lose their confidence. So instead enjoying and loving ourselves we struggle to try to gain this confidence back.

We don’t owe it to society, men, or whoever to be what they think is the perfect women. We as women owe it to ourselves to be introspective and discover who we are without any outside influence. To do what makes us happy and what will bring us fulfillment, and when we do set out to do those things to not be ridden with self-doubt and anxiety. Have confidence in what you set out to do and fight for what you want. Don’t just accept what is given to ask for more because the men are, even when they don’t deserve it.

Instead of being “nice” be confident and assertive, because being nice doesn’t do anything. That doesn’t mean be rude or be unkind, but don’t change yourself to make it more convenient for the people around you. Stand up for your beliefs and have strong morals and stick by them. Embrace your uniqueness and your womanhood. If someone doesn’t like you who cares; you don’t have to be a people pleaser and you don’t need to feel the need to make yourself more fuckable to men. Love yourself unconditionally!