The Backstreet Boys are Cooler Than Ever- Here's Why

Whether you grew up in the 90s with a poster of Brian Littrell plastered above your bed and “As Long as You Love Me” on repeat, or you’re a Genzennial who simply cannot stop listening to their new album, “DNA,” the Backstreet Boys are a cultural phenomenon that never seems to stop catching our hearts. Despite being nearly three decades old, the boy band continues to sell out stadiums all around the country and top charts with their new hits. Here’s why the Backstreet Boys are still just as hip today as they were in the 1990s!

  1. 1. They keep adapting

    While most people associate the Backstreet Boys with their early hits, like “I Want It That Way” or “Shape of My Heart,” the boy band has not relied on nostalgia to remain a household name. With the release of their latest album, DNA, in 2018 (which was their biggest tour since the 90's), and other new hits, such as their single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” the Backstreet Boys have continued to maintain their relevance in the music world for the entire 26 years of their popularity. Furthermore, the sound of their songs has changed to fit the musical trends of the times, having covered many genres, including pop, pop rock, R&B, teen pop and adult contemporary. The band has also kept their relevance by premiering in popular television shows, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Tonight Show, starring in commercials, such as the Doritos Superbowl commercial with Chance the Rapper, and they've even starred in their own zombie movie, called "Dead 7" (2016).

  2. 2. Their bond is unbreakable

    The majority of boy bands spend only a few years in the spotlight before one or more of their members break off, essentially erupting their friendships, thus beginning the end for the remaining group. The Backstreet Boys, however, went to great lengths to ensure that their friendships remained intact and strong, which has enabled them to weather even the strongest of struggles, such as addiction, injury and more. Even when one of the members, Kevin Richardson, temporarily left the group to pursue a solo career, the rest of the Backstreet Boys continued to support him and welcomed him back with open arms.

  3. 3. They are amazing live

    Despite being at least a decade past their physical peak, the Backstreet Boys have the stage presence of 20-year-olds. Not only are their performances incredibly energetic, but they are engaging. For example, on their DNA tour, two members, Kevin Richardson and AJ McLean, performed an onstage striptease behind a folding screen and subsequently tossed their underwear into the crowd. Seeing a Backstreet Boys concert is an experience like no other, even though the youngest member of the band is almost 40 years old.

  4. 4. They are more than just a boy band

    Boy bands are not formulated to last. They pair attractive teenagers and love songs to form the ideal combination to attract screaming preteen girls, but they are not meant to last long into the adult years of the band members, nor the fans. However, the Backstreet Boys have always been more than pretty faces - they are talented musicians who have captured the hearts of original fans and new ones alike. The Backstreet Boys are far more than a simple boy band - they are cultural icons who have inspired so many people and changed the music industry as a whole, and they deserve all of the recognition that they have gotten and more.

The Backstreet Boys are a cultural phenomenon who continue to influence and inspire the world as much, if not more today than they did in the 1990s. Whether you're vibing with the "Millenium" album or you're rocking out to one of their newer jams, like "Passionate," the Backstreet Boys will continue to inspire the world with both their music and their bond.