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All the Paws-abilities

4 Paws for Ability is a student organization that trains puppies to become future service dogs for children with disabilities. The puppies of the Kent State University program know how busy we can be with finals week, but they thought we could use a study break and get to know them. Here are a few of your fellow Kent State pups saying hello.


I may seem like a big black bear on the outside, but I’m a sweet old teddy bear on the inside. I’m calm and have an amazing temperament, but I can be playful at times.


I’m new to campus and enjoy meeting new people and my fellow 4 Paws friends! I love taking walks and chasing leaves.


I’m a seven month old Newfoundland retriever mix. I can be a goofy and curious! I’m always full of energy. I like to think I’m sneaky when I steal socks and underwear.


I’m a well-behaved and energetic pup. I enjoy the outdoors and going on road trips. I can sense when someone is having a rough day and try to help make them feel better. I’m a loving and gentle pup who loves attention.


I’m a seven month old Newfoundland retriever mix. I’m well-behaved and have come a long way since I joined 4 Paws. I can be a little shy around strangers, but I’m always willing to make new friends!


I’m a seven month old golden lab mix. I absolutely love people, so don’t be afraid to say hello! I enjoy playing fetch, cuddling and sleeping. I can be a goofy pup every now and then, but I’m always good-natured.


I’m a six month old golden lab mix and I’m new to Kent. I like to think I’m incredibly sweet and I love to snuggle. I love seeing the black squirrels on campus and chasing leaves on my walks. I’m a good boy, so don’t be afraid to say hello!


I’m a seven month old Newfoundland retriever mix. I’m an extremely happy pup who loves meeting new people. I like to think I’m a smart and well-behaved pup. I’m also a fast learner when it comes to learning new tricks and commands.


I’m a playful, sweet and intelligent golden lab mix. I’m always practicing my commands, and I’m one of the few that can hit the handicap button to open doors. Cool, right?


I’m a 14 month old golden retriever. I’m a sweet, gentle and obedient pup. I love running freely in the field on campus, and I’m always in a playful mood. I love meeting new people and sharing smiles, so be sure to stop and pet me!


I’m a smart and outgoing golden lab mix. I love experiencing new things, especially new smells! My favorite game to play is fetch, and I like enjoying the nice weather when I can.  


I’m a seven month old golden lab mix who is always down to cuddle and socialize. My favorite toy is my dinosaur shaped bone. I adore attention, so you can expect me to use my puppy dog eyes on you often. I also tend to jump on people because I get so excited, but I’m working on my manners.


I’m the smallest member of our 4 Paws crew – a five month old papillon weighing in at 4.6 pounds. Although I may be small, I’m a ball of energy with plenty of sweet smiles to share. My favorite thing to do is give kisses, so come steal a smooch!

Shelbie studies journalism at Kent State University, while also concentrating in fashion media and writing. She’s a true coffee addict and enthusiast. You can easily find her at a local coffee shop or the campus library. Her career goals include working within the publishing industry, becoming a travel writer and voicing the voiceless in her work. She’s excited to work with Her Campus and see what’s in store for the Kent State chapter.
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