9 Couples Halloween Costumes Even Your BF/GF Will Love

With Halloween quickly approaching and everyone scattering to think of the best costume that even their significant other will love, here is a list of the top nine couple’s Halloween costumes that even they will be willing to try.

1.Han Solo and Princess Leia

I can't the only one who’s boyfriend forces them to watch Star Wars, right?? This costume is guaranteed to make him feel like a badass and space buns are totally in.

2. Jim and Pam

He’ll love this because it literally requires no work on his part, and he’s likely to already have the clothes. Plus, every sane person knows and loves The Office, come on.

3. Sheldon and Amy

Okay, so he might not appreciate you dressing him up as a so-called “nerd,” but this is another super easy low maintenance costume that is sure to get tons of compliments.

4. A Tooth Fairy and a Dentist

This one has to be my favorite. Bonus points if he’s a real dentist! You can really take this in any direction you want, just add some wings, a tutu and some paper teeth. Poof!

5. A Firefighter and a Dalmatian

Double bonus points if he’s a real firefighter!! This low budget and low effort costume is sure to turn some heads and make an impression.

6. Flo from Progressive and Jake from Statefarm

Technically you’re supposed to be rivals, but not today! Everyone loves a good forbidden love story so break out that white apron and red polo because you two are about to save some people serious money!! 

7. An Alien and an Astronaut

Be extra(terrestrial) and show up in this outfit guaranteed to win Best Costume. Even if you don’t own an astronaut suit or alien antennas, throw on a NASA shirt and some glitter! You’ll be the cutest martian (or astronaut) this world has ever seen! 

8. Micky and Minnie Mouse

An absolute classic, but not so classic to where it’s overdone. Throw on some red and black clothes, pop on some mouse ears and you’re done! Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the two of them breaking up so maybe it’ll be good luck;). 

9. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Forget SpongeBob and Patrick, these two were the real OGs, and we all know it. An easy DIY project to tackle and perfect for any couple!