8 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue

By now you have probably already seen PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, the hue crowned with the title of 2020’s PANTONE Color of the Year. Blues have been trending, so likely you’re into it, but there’s more to the process than simply picking the latest color fad.

Pantone Color Institute says its color of the year is a symbolic selection, a “color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture.” The PANTONE Color of the Year is meant not only to express the mood and attitude of the year ahead but to interpret what will be needed.

So why do we need Classic Blue in 2020? Pantone Color Institute says:

            "Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era."

Classic Blue is said to bring about peaceful thoughts in the human brain, while also encouraging us to expand on our thoughts and perspective of the world around us. This is something we could all use in the tumultuous, chaotic and divisive world we live in today.

So, although Pantone Color Institute can’t solve the ever-expanding issues of our world, it can give us an escape. Try these 8 products to indulge in a bit of trend-right escapism in the coming year, you won’t regret it.

  1. 1. New LBD

    Update your LBD! As versatile as your go-to little black dress, but in a trending color that is equally as wearable.

  2. 2. Classic Blue Jeans

    What better way to get into Classic Blue than by slipping on a pair of classic blue jeans?? This wide-legged, high waisted style is trending for 2020, so you can’t go wrong.

  3. 3. Active Set

    A new set to wear to yoga, the gym or just to class (we won’t judge!) is an ideal new year purchase, and even better when it’s made from recycled single-use plastic water bottles!

  4. 4. Snakeskin Booties

    Animal prints have been huge, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Try something a little different with a blue-toned snakeskin bootie. Bonus - these ones are on sale right now!

  5. 5. Nail Polish

    A blue manicure is sure to catch your eye (everyone else’s, too), and hopefully, bring some of that grounded calm feeling to you. They don't call this color "Blue My Mind" for nothing!

  6. 6. Eye Liner

    A flick of this along your lash line is the perfect way to subtly try out Classic Blue. The color is softer than black and fairly muted, so it’s wearable for an everyday look.

  7. 7. Art Prints

    Nude forms and womanly bodies make a great addition to any feminist’s space, and this blue variation is perfect if you're seeking blue. If you’re into this, you may also be into some of the art featured here.

  8. 8. Throw Pillows

    Treat yourself to a few new throw pillows for a breath of freshness in your space. This pillow in a calming shade of blue brings just the right vibes for a bedroom.