7 Pieces of Art to Celebrate Your Boobs

It's Pink Week here at Her Campus, which means we are celebrating your boobs to bring awareness to breast cancer. Your boobs are beautiful, as is the rest of the female form, and what better way to celebrate all that ~divine femininity~ than with some art? I’ve scoured the internet for the coolest boob art for any personal style, so you don’t have to! Scroll through to take a look.

  1. 1. For the minimalist

    Minimal line art is having a moment, so this? Some serious heart eye emojis.

  2. 2. For the abstract art lover

    Maybe you want something a little more subtle. This is for you, girlfriend.

  3. 3. Needlepoint...for that shabby chic granny look

    A friend of mine has something similar hanging on her wall, and I am so jealous! This is the boob art for you if you want to be the envy of all your friends.

  4. 4. For the fan of pop art

    So colorful. So bright. Let her be the star of your gallery wall.

  5. 5. For the botanist

    Is your apartment covered in plants and floral prints? Then look no further for your perfect boob art.

  6. 6. If you're looking for functionality

    Put her in your entry way to hang keys, your purse, a light jacket... whatever! So functional and so cute!

  7. 7. For the girl who can't put down her coffee mug

    Or tea, or wine…I'm not judging. With a mug this cool, you’ll never want to drink out of anything else.

Hopefully one of these fun pieces will be your next decor purchase! Remember that while celebrating boobs and girl power and all things feminine during Breast Cancer Awareness month (and every month!) is fun, breast cancer is not. Be sure you are doing your monthly self-exams to keep yourself in tune with your body so that you'll be alerted if something is up. For more information on Breast Cancer click here!