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7 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

There’s a common misconception that healthy food tastes like cardboard or only comes in the form of granola. Why eat a bland avocado when you could eat a giant slice of four-cheese pizza, right? Wrong! These seven food-bloggers fill Instagram with enticing pictures of their healthy eats to prove that healthy really can be heavenly!

1. @deliciouslyella

Ella Woodward created Deliciously Ella in order to share recipes based on whole, plant-based ingredients. Ella is the queen of nourishing lunch bowls and just came out with her first cookbook, Deliciously Ella. She posts healthy recipes and lifestyle articles on a weekly basis at http://deliciouslyella.com.

2. @thecrunchyhazelnut

All you vegetarians out there looking for quick and easy food ideas and recipes, look no further than The Crunchy Hazelnut. Lisa, creator of The Crunchy Hazelnut, lost 70 pounds in just two years by cutting out processed and junk foods, and adding exercise to her lifestyle! Check out all of her delicious recipes at http://thecrunchyhazelnut.com.

3. @happyplantgirl

Sammy is the genius 19-year-old behind Happy Plant Girl. She writes most of her recipes in the comment section of her Instagram posts, so you may have to search a little to find how to recreate her amazing banana ice creams and fruit smoothie bowls—but it’s so worth it! Sammy’s recipes are sure to take care of your sweet tooth while remaining healthful!

4. @happyandhealthy96

Stephanie is only 18 years old, but she has already authored her own e-book, created a successful healthy eating blog and gathered a 73,500 person Instagram following! Stephanie’s vegan recipes can be found at http://www.ahappyandhealthylife.com.

5. @bonberi

Bonberi describes itself as “a curated guide devoted to food, fitness and well-being.” Their blog provides delicious recipes and interviews with famous foodies, chefs, fitness experts and health gurus. You’re sure to learn something new about health and wellness after perusing the Bonberi site: http://bonberi.com.

6. @gkstories

Green Kitchen Stories is focused on vegetarian recipes made with natural, wholesome ingredients. David and Luise have expanded their blog into two cookbooks, The Green Kitchen and Vegetarian Everyday, and share stories about their family in their recipe posts. The beautiful food styling and photography on their Instagram and blog are sure to draw you in! http://www.greenkitchenstories.com.

7. @howyouglow

How You Glow is a bit different than the other accounts mentioned in this article. Glow Girls Jessie and Tara share photos of their healthy food and lifestyle choices on their Instagram account and profile inspirational foodies, wellness experts and fitness specialists on their blog, http://howyouglow.com. How You Glow encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle no matter where your travels take you.


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