6 Masks to Wear Everywhere

By now, most people are aware of the importance of wearing face masks in public. Not only does this simple action protect the individual wearing a mask, but it protects those around them by slowing the spread of Coronavirus. Medical grade masks are in short supply and should be reserved for professionals on the front lines, but washable cloth masks are easy to come by and still highly effective in slowing the spread of the virus. So yes, masks are important (and now required on Kent State’s campus), but often they are ugly. They don’t have to be, though! I have spent the last weeks scouring the internet for the least ugly (dare I say – even trendy?) cloth face masks so you can look and feel your best while doing your best this fall.

  1. 1. Jane

    Looking for a seriously wide variety? Look no further. Offering over 50 different prints, Jane has made itself into one-stop shopping when it comes to cloth face masks. I especially love the tie-dye options. Shop here, one for 7.99

  2. 2. Resa

    Known for offering clothes in the prettiest prints, of course, this brand has some of the prettiest masks. I just may be planning to rock a matching dress and mask combo. Shop here, five for $30

  3. 3. St. John Knits

    Expensive? At $50 a mask, yes. But cute? Oh yes! The designer label’s knit masks are up there in price but just think of the cost per wear. Seeing as we’ll be wearing masks every day for the foreseeable future, it just might be worth the investment. Shop here, one for $50

  4. 4. Homesite on Etsy

    Of course, Etsy is the place to find the exact mask you’re dreaming of and support a small business while you’re at it. I love this three-pack, which was recently featured in Vogue. The toile print is so chic, and a nice change from the typical floral or animal prints we usually see everywhere. Shop here, three for $45

  5. 5. Old Navy

    Full disclosure here, I work at Old Navy and received my masks for free, but I actually really like them! A pack of five is just $12.50, so they’re very affordable and come in a variety of fun colors and patterns.  Shop here, five for $12.50

  6. 6. House of 950

    This LA-based brand offers a dose of personality with each cloth mask. From styles that say “six feet, please" or “ :) I’m smiling (: ” to a print of scattered cats, there really is something for everyone – even the crazy cat lady (ie. me). Shop here, one for $15

Now that you know where to get the best masks, I know you’ll be masked up and ready to go once we’re all back on campus this fall. It’s important to remember to follow all CDC guidelines though. Face masks are not a replacement for social distancing and frequent hand washing. Stay trendy and be safe!