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5 Things you Need to do to Prepare for your Internship

The first day of a new internship can be stressful. Preparing for this new stage of your life will make the adjustment much easier. Follow these five steps to make sure you're ready for your first day!

1. Make a budget

Are you supporting yourself over the summer? Are you living away from home? If you’re on your own financially, it’s important to have a rough estimate of your living expenses. It’s easier to manage your money when you know how much you'll realistically need. This is great practice for the real world!

2. Ask about the dress code

It’s important to know which clothing is considered appropriate at your internship. Internships in business and economics require more conservative dress, while creative majors like fashion will have slightly different rules. Once you know what you can and cannot wear, assess your wardrobe for any gaps.

3. Update your resume and print business cards

Internships can provide great networking opportunities for students. You never know who you will meet! Having an updated copy of your resume ready to go can be a great thing. A business card is also a good option for when you’re on the go.

4.  Memorize important names and faces

Do more research on the company you’re interning for and take the time to learn the names and faces of important people in the company. If you happen to run into them, you’ll not only know who you’re talking to, but you'll know some background info on them to help keep a good conversation flowing.

5. Have a plan

When I enter a new situation or stage of life, I always feel more comfortable if I have a plan. If you’re interning somewhere you’ve never been before, take some time to get to know the city and map out your route to work. If you need to take public transportation to get there, do a trial run before your first day so you know exactly how to navigate the trip.

Hopefully these tips will have you feeling more confident in the rockstar intern you are. We believe in you!

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