Girl Scout cookies and wine

5 Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairings, Because We Are Adults

Growing up, Girl Scout cookie time was always so exciting. I loved going door to door through the neighborhood, schmoozing my teachers into buying boxes from me and of course insisting my mom post for all her Facebook friends to see that I was selling cookies. I may have been a bit too competitive, always scheming to sell the most boxes in my troupe (what a surprise that here I am over a decade later minoring in business - who would have thought?) but I do remember that selling aside, I loved the cookies themselves - who doesn’t? Fond childhood memories always come up for me when I see Girl Scouts setting up their booths outside the grocery stores. This year I picked up a couple boxes of my favorites, and then went on into the grocery store straight to the wine section to hunt for the best pairings because I am no longer a Girl Scout but a grown-up, and what pairs better with cookies than wine? Nothing, as evidenced by 6 Christmas Cookie and Wine Pairings You Need to Try. Being a grown-up adult though, I have a budget to stick to, as I’m sure you do, too! Read on to find the perfect under-$15-a-bottle wine to pair with your Girl Scout cookies.

  1. 1. Trefoils and Debonné Vineyards 2017 Riesling (10.99)

    Many pairing guides will recommend you compliment buttery flavors (like those in trefoils) with a chardonnay wine, as the oaky characteristics of the wine will complement the buttery flavor; however, I’ve never met a chardonnay I enjoyed, so I went a different route. This riesling is not quite sweet, but not too dry, sitting perfectly in the middle. The taste is reminiscent of spiced peaches and pairs nicely with the soft, subtle sweetness of trefoils. If you prefer your wines to be on the sweeter side, a similar but slightly sweeter option would be their 2017 Riesling Reserve.

    Bonus: Attention to all my Kent State girls – this wine is local! Debonné Vineyards is located in North East Ohio, so by purchasing you’ll be supporting the community. Their wines are easy to find at Giant Eagle and Meijer!

  2. 2. Lemonades and Fiore Rosa Pinot Grigio Rosé (7.99)

    Light, crisp, refreshing, perfect for a summer day. Yes, I am referring to both the cookies and the wine. This wine is on the drier side, with a slight acidity and tart finish which enhances the sweet lemon cookie. Really, this match is delightful. I can imagine sipping a chilled glass of this pinot grigio rosé and enjoying a lemonade cookie with it while basking in the summer sun. Unfortunately, it is still winter time, but with this pairing, your taste buds would never know!

    Fun Fact: if you’re wondering how this wine can be both a pinot grigio and a rosé, I have your answer! Pinot grigios are characterized by the grape used, which is a “white” Pinot grape that actually has a greyish brownish skin (grigio means grey in Italian), while rosé is characterized by the method used, in which after crushing the grapes, they are left in contact with the skin. The longer the contact, the stronger the color. Rosés are only left in contact for about 24-48 hours, so they only develop to a light pink color. So, by using white Pinot grapes and the rosé method, a pinot grigio rosé is achieved!

  3. 3. Tagalongs and Sledghammer Pinot Noir (12.99)

    I was once told by a sommelier that it is impossible to find a good pinot noir at an affordable price point. “To really experience a good one, you’d have to spend at least $100,” he told me. Maybe my tastes aren’t as sophisticated as his, but I quite like this budget-friendly bottle from Sledgehammer. Actually, I like everything I’ve tried from Sledgehammer, it’s a great line of affordable and full-flavored reds to check out. This one, in particular, has light fruity notes like strawberry and raspberry, which go with these peanut butter patties as well as peanut butter and jelly. A decadent, flavorful pairing to try! 

  4. 4. Samoas and Crifo Squarcione Appassimento Rosso Puglia (14.99)

    Samoas are an intimidating cookie to pair. Given the intense flavor combination of chocolate, caramel and coconut, finding a wine to compliment it proved challenging but truthfully, I think I have found the perfect match. Squarcione Appassimento Rosso Puglia is a beautiful full-bodied red with notes of ripened sweet fruits and even a hint of rose. It balances the samosa, holding up to the sweetness of the cookie without overpowering it.

  5. 5. Thin Mints and Ménage à Trois Lavish Merlot (13.99)

    Thin mints are undisputedly the best Girl Scout cookie, so of course, extra care had to be taken to find the perfect pairing. I was after a fruity, off-dry, full-bodied red and Ménage à Trois Lavish Merlot fit the bill. With notes of blueberry, plum, vanilla and a smooth chocolatey finish, this rich wine is the perfect complement to the velvety, refreshing taste of thin mint cookies. This wine has a depth to it that a typical Merlot doesn’t, as it’s actually a blend of grapes, 81% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Petit Sirah and 5% Petite Verdot. Being a fan of cabs, when I saw the breakdown it made sense why this merlot was such a standout to me.

    Pro Tip: One key thing to consider when pairing thin mints, or any minty flavor, with wine is to avoid spiced notes. Many reds have at least subtle hints of spice to them, and with the mint it is just too much going on, making for an unpleasant pairing.

With so many pairings to choose from, you're sure to find a new favorite duo and hopefully, are inspired to start mixing and matching to create your own pairings. The more you taste, test and learn, the easier and more exciting it becomes!