20 People Answer: What In Life Is Beautiful To You?

Life is a strange and unpredictable thing. It certainly has its highs and lows and its twists and turns. Even through all of that, it’s important to be able to find the little things in life that bring you happiness and make life worth living. 

I asked 20 people the same question: What, in life, is beautiful to you? 

Here are their answers, just in time for the peaceful holiday season.

  1. 1. Sunsets

    “For as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with the sky, especially sunsets. I love how within just a few minutes, the sky can look so different, reminding you to take a step back and enjoy the moment before it’s gone. One day, the sky looks like it’s on fire with shades of red and orange and the next day it looks like the ocean, with blues mixed in with yellows. But most importantly, I love how sunsets make me feel. I love that no matter how terrible my day might have been, for just five minutes each day, I can look up at the sky, forget about everything, and just breathe. I was, am, and forever will be that girl who has more pictures of sunsets than selfies in her camera roll.”

  2. 2. When People Join Together to Fight for a Good Cause

    “Recently, a revolution started in Lebanon (where my family is from) against the immoral and corrupt government. In the past, there was a separation of people based on religion because that’s what the different political parties did in order to gain votes. They made themselves grow through hate. Now, however, the people have burned flags related to those political parties and raised the one Lebanese flag. Everyone in the country, regardless of religion, race or class, is revolting in the streets and holding hands. They’re even making songs and chants about no longer being separated by religion, and it’s honestly the most amazing thing to see because it’s as if people’s eyes have finally opened. This has been going on for almost a month now, and we’re not giving up.”  

  3. 3. Hearing a Baby’s Laugh

    “To me, a baby’s laugh shows innocence. Even though they are incapable of speaking or understanding what’s going around them, they still respond to expressions and voices, and that is so beautiful. It’s so easy to make them laugh because they will laugh at the smallest things. Their laughs spread positivity, and it is such a simple and carefree act.”   

  4. 4. Bubble Tea

    “The delicious and creamy milk tea with the sweet and chewy black pearls instantly uplifts my mood. It’s the one thing that always makes me smile, even when I’m sad or stressed about something.”  

  5. 5. Water 

    “Just all the sounds it makes. Rain. The ocean. A brook. Waterfalls.”  

  6. 6. Mirrors

    “So I can see myself! But also because they allow you to see yourself the way you are and encourage you to embrace your beauty.”  

  7. 7. My Mom

    “I think my mom is the most beautiful because of the way she loves others. She always puts others before herself and truly loves everyone. She has given me the most amazing example of the purest form of beauty that comes from within!”  

  8. 8. Life Itself

    “I think the way life changes over time, has so many different phases and makes you change with it as you learn new things is beautiful.”  

  9. 9. Elephants

    “They have a beautiful body structure and a tribe is led by a female. You would think they need tons of hours of sleep, but they need only 4 or 5 to be super active. They also have an amazing memory and are very emotional animals. Plus, they are super cute when they swim and run!”  

  10. 10. Pizza With Pineapples

    “It’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory. It’s a combination of all sorts of flavors, sweet, salty, sour and spicy! It’s absolutely magical.”  

  11. 11. Meeting Someone Unexpectedly

    “You can meet someone unexpectedly, create some really good memories with them and they can become a huge part of your life. For instance, I met a girl because she was my roommate in summer school, and I realized she was the elder sister I never had. I only knew her for a month, but we bonded so well and still talk every day.”  

  12. 12. Getting Lost in a Good Book

    “A book can transport you to different lands and countries. You get drawn into the world of the characters and you can experience and live through every plot twist. Reading makes me forget all the worries of life.”  

  13. 13. Cheesecake

    “Everything about it is beautiful. The taste, the texture and the serotonin it releases in my synapses.”  

  14. 14. Watching Flowers Bloom

    “It’s a change that occurs within a whole day, and each flower blooms at its own pace. What’s beautiful is that you really can't force a flower to go faster than its pace. If only we could understand that, we would be able to care for ourselves and everyone around us in the same way.”  

  15. 15. Music

    “Music uplifts your mood and can be a great form of therapy. It’s a constant companion and can take away your loneliness and sadness.”  

  16. 16. The Moon

    “It is flawed and has imperfections, but it still glows and shines in the dark times and gives us light.”  

  17. 17. Happiness

    “It's something that everyone can experience without cost, and it always has a positive impact.”   

  18. 18. Morning Sunlight Through Birch Leaves

    "Summer morning sunlight in Alaska is bright, but somehow still cool. It isn’t harsh like the tropical sun. When the sunlight shines through the brilliant yellow-green of the birch leaves, they seem lit from within, like a stained glass window."  

  19. 19. Coffee

    “It’s beautiful because it brings people together, and it's a simple luxury I can have every day. It just makes life so much better!”  

  20. 20. Art in Unexpected Places

    “Art almost always expresses what we really feel but can’t put into words. That is why it is so significant that we can see art on the streets, or shops or the subway. It lets us look at a certain area with gratitude so that we might connect with others about it.”

When things get difficult, it’s nice to be able to contemplate the things in life that can still bring us moments of happiness. This is why this holiday season, I want to encourage you to reflect on what you think is beautiful in life.