10 Easy Self-Care Ideas

If you’re anything like me, midterms are coming at you pretty quick, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to manage it all. Here are 10 easy, relaxing and mostly free ideas to help you de-stress, organize and calm down when you feel like you need a break.


1. Planner/Bullet Journaling

I live by my planner so much that I have three synced up online so I can find what I am doing at any moment easily. This also keeps me from not being surprised when something comes up. A fun, new thing to try out that will make planning more fun are bullet journals. Bullet journals let you be more creative in how you plan out your to-do lists and calendars.

2. Download a free meditation app.

There are many apps out there that help you meditate or relax. I use two different apps that allow me to unwind when I feel like things are getting too much for me. One is called Headspace. It has a free trial at first, which trains your mind how to meditate. As you progress, it has different sessions depending what you need help meditating. Another app I love is RelaxMelodies. While it’s not a meditation app, you get to customize different sounds to help you fall asleep or relax.

3. Read a self-care or motivational book.

One of my biggest inspirations is Kelly Cutrone, and her books are one of the few motivational books that I swear by. While the title of the books might sound a bit harsh- like, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside- they’re full of amazing insights on how she became the boss she is today and all about finding your tribe.

4. Spring cleaning.

Yes, I know it's not technically spring yet, but nothing makes me happier than coming home and knowing that everything is clean and in its place. The days I leave in a rush and don't even make my bed usually end up being some of my worst. Simply making your bed a part of your morning routine can help get your mind going. I’ve also found that cleaning out my closet and really thinking what I can part ways with helps me de-clutter not only my wardrobe but my mind as well.

5. Put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode.

Go ahead, do it. I am notorious for leaving my phone in a different room that I’m not in. You can even ask my roommate! It’s not because I’m forgetful. I’ve just learned that I don’t need to be glued to my phone at all hours of the day. By putting my phone on "do not disturb," I realized I was able to take more control and enjoy the little things I was doing.

6. Try a new recipe or make a home cooked meal.

Sometimes it’s just easier to order in, go to a drive thru or microwave a frozen meal, but nothing makes me happier than trying out a new recipe or perfecting a family dish myself. Having a kitchen of my own has allowed me the chance to try out different dishes that my grandma makes back at home, and it’s given me the opportunity to connect with her more each time I call her to ask how to make something. I send her photos of the dish once it’s made, and her response back to me just fills my heart with so much pride knowing she’s happy someone is passing down her recipes.

7. Make a new playlist and get some exercise.

I am addicted to Spotify. The best money I spend every month is on my premium account. (There’s a discount if you’re a student!).I love making playlists for any occasion, and sometimes I just need some me time. Try making a playlist and taking thirty minutes of your time to breathe some fresh air while you take a nice walk or jog. This gives you the chance to clear your head and get a good amount of exercise in your daily routine.  

8. Listen to a new podcast.

This one kind of goes nicely with #7, and it’s completely free! I’ve recently started listening to podcasts, and I love hearing them while I’m cooking or walking between classes. Some can be incredibly insightful and thought provoking, such as Yo, Is This Racist? With Andrew Ti. Others can just be super fun and lighthearted, like DTR - The Official Tinder Podcast.

9. Make a DIY face scrub.

Exfoliating your skin can do wonders, especially with the harsh weather we experience in Ohio. You will find a ton of online DIY face scrubs ,which usually consist of items you already have at home. One of my favorites is ground coffee with coconut oil! It smells amazing and my face feels incredible after.

10. Write an encouraging note and stick it on your mirror.

Find some awesome girl power quotes, write them on a sticky note and place them on your bathroom mirror. Just like RuPaul says: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”