Valentine's Day on a Budget: Couples Edition

Well, well well... It's that time of the month again that almost every woman looks forward to, Valentine's day! Everyone is expected to be showered with all types of gifts that reflect their partner's love for them. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, etc. but, sometimes things may get a little tough financial-wise, fortunately, that can't stop you from making the day special! Here are my top three low budget ways to still show and profess your unconditional love for your significant other in a special way. 

  1. 1. DIY "Love Basket"

    valentines day gift

    This here is a classic, a Valentine's day basket. You can find these gems just about anywhere -- Kroger, Walmart, Target, etc. Unfortunately, these can be extremely pricey and if you're on a budget like me, then these are a no go. Luckily, these can easily be made at home and can be modified to fit your partner's likings. Did I also mention that materials are affordable? You can find a cheap, cute basket from places like Fivebelow, Ross, Marshall's, etc for under $10! Once you find your basket, you can fill it with items that your partner loves. You can even go to the extent of wrapping it with cute sheer ribbon to achieve a more finished and classic authentic gift basket look. This is sure to put a smile on his/her face!

  2. 2. Date Night at Home

    Usually, for Valentine's day, Couples treat each other by going to their favorite restaurant. With the pandemic going on, People all over the world are skeptical about eating out. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of, especially if you are low on funds. Figure out your significant other's favorite meal, or simply spend the day cooking together, and enjoy each other's presence. 

  3. 3. Pick Romantic Movie + Take Memorable Photos

    End the day by watchig a romantic movie and taking memorable photos, make it " vintage" by using a polaroid camera and/or app! This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other and bond! You can even buy a ball of yarn, and wooden clips and hang the photos up on it, and make a " Couples Timeline". P.S, If you want to "spice" things up a little bit, buy tealight candles, your favorite snacks, and fake rose petals to set the " tone". This will make things even more romantic! Get creative and show your partner how much they mean to you. 

Remember, Valentine's day doesn't have to be about being showered with gifts. Although you should show appreciation to your partner every day, Valentine's day is simply a day to emphasize your appreciation for your partner. It's okay not to receive any fancy gifts or go on expensive dates because this day is simply about love!