How to Stay Organized

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Keeping a small space organized can be tricky, so here are 15 tips to help you keep your room organized and cute!

1.) Invest in an over-the-door shoe organizer.

Aside from storing shoes, these organizers can be used to store scarves, hair accessories, snacks, sunglasses, and anything you want to keep off your desk that you can still get to quickly. Hang it on the inside of your closet door to keep it out of sight from guests.

2.) Maximize your under the bed storage.

If you have enough space under your bed, use storage bins or a storage trunk to keep anything you don’t regularly use. If your bed is too low to slide bins under, consider getting bed risers to give you more space.

3.) Hang up your jewelry. 

You can get a hanging jewelry organizer or DIY. If your dorm or apartment rules permit the use of thumbtacks, stagger two rows on a small part of your wall and hang necklaces and bracelets on them.

4.) Utilize command hooks.

Maybe you aren’t into DIY, or maybe you don’t have the time, so here’s a quick and easy solution to the clutter on your desk. Hang a command hook next to your light switch to hang your keys. Stick a few on the wall or inside the sink cabinet to store your hair styling tools. Stick one on the back of your bedroom door and hang your purse. Anything you can think to hang up to keep out of the way, use a command hook.

5.) Use mugs.

If you’re like me, you have a few too many mugs. Pick a few that match your room theme and keep them on your desk. Use one for your pens, pencils, and highlighters. Use another for your makeup brushes. Anything that can stand up in a mug can go in one on the corner of your desk.

6.) Get a whiteboard.

You can find a monthly or weekly whiteboard calendar online or in a department store with low prices. Write down essential events like appointments, tests, meetings, and due dates. If you use a blank whiteboard, section off part of it to use for shopping lists or reminders. Use magnets to hang up movie ticket stubs or business cards.

7.) Tackle the mess of cords.

With so many electronics, we have too many cords. Wrapping them up protects them from damage and tangling as well as keeping your space looking clean. Recycle toilet paper tubes by turning them into cable organizers. Use a marker to label which cord is wrapped up inside the tube and stick them in a drawer or storage bin. You can also keep cords in the over-the-door organizer mentioned in number two. Put binder clips on the side of your desk and thread your cords through to keep them from falling to the floor.

8.) Use a silverware organizer.

If your desk has drawers, organize them with a silverware organizer. Keep writing utensils, thumbtacks, staples, tape, and whatever else you keep in your drawer in each of the spaces. This will keep your things from rolling around in your desk and make it easy to find what you need when you open the drawer.

9.) Combine hangers with soda tabs.

If you don’t have enough space in your closet for all your clothes, collect soda tabs and use them to make your own tiered hangers to free up some space. Put the tab on one hanger and hang the second one off of the next hole. Put dress pants with dress shirts, sweaters with sweaters, or organize your closet by color.

 10.) Invest in a hanging closet shelf.

If you use the soda tab hack, utilize the freed-up closet space by setting up a hanging closet shelf to store even more clothes in your closet. Keep hats, scarves, underwear, socks, and bras in the cubbies. Fold up hoodies and put them in a cubby to keep them off your doorknob or desk chair.

11.) Put up tension rods.

Buy some tension rods and set them up along the bottom of your closet. Keep shoes under the rod and hang heels on the rod. If you have more sneakers than heels, set up another rod slightly in front of the first rod at the same height. Your sneakers can sit on top of the rods freeing up floor space in your closet.

12.) Hang a shower caddy above your desk.

Keep notebooks, post its, scissors, tape, a stapler, and whatever else you want in the caddy and off your desk. Alternatively, you can cut out poster board to the shape of the caddy shelves and place them inside to keep your makeup pallets in.

13.) Dedicate drawers.

If you have storage drawers under your bed or an empty drawer in your dresser, consider dedicating a few to certain things. Keep printer paper, extra loose-leaf paper, your textbooks, and other school supplies you don’t need every day in a dedicated drawer. Keep a first aid kit, pads and tampons, and laundry supplies in another drawer so you can easily get to them when you need to.

14.) Hang your hamper.

Save floor space by hanging your hamper on the back of your closet door. You can get a cheap laundry bag at a department store, but for a more aesthetically pleasing look, you can spend a little more extra cash or even make on yourself!

15.) Buy a rolling storage cart.

These come in some cute colors and are used in a variety of ways. You can use the top for a nightstand and keep books, speakers, and any supplies you want to keep off your desk in the bottom two shelves. The best part about these carts is they are portable and can adjust to fit the style of your room!