How Plants Can Improve Your Health

During the pandemic, plant sales have skyrocketed. From house plants to gardening, it's evident that the one positive we can take away from the pandemic is that most people make great plant parents. While plants can be aesthetically pleasing and offer a new-found feeling of responsibility, they offer health benefits as well. Here's a list of reasons why plants are beneficial to have! 

  1. 1. Real Plants Help Keep You Sharp

    Row of potted plants

    A small study shows that having real plants in the room as opposed to fake ones or pictures of plants helps you remain focused and attentive. 

  2. 2. Plants Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

    house plants on dresser

    Early NASA studies indicated that plants can scrub contaminants from the air, recent studies suggest you would need a large number of plants to completely purify your air. That doesn't mean a few plants won't help the overall quality though! 

    Plants with air-purifying qualities include:

    - areca, lady, dwarf date, and bamboo palms

    - Boston fern

    - rubber tree

    - spider plant

    - ficus tree

  3. 3. Plants Can Be Therapeutic

    Air Plants Hanging

    Horticultural therapy has been around for centuries. Researchers and therapists alike utilize plants to treat depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions. 

  4. 4. Plants Aid Recovery and Productivity 

    Succulents assorted in pots

    Research revealed that people in hospitals recovering from several kinds of surgery needed less pain medication and shorter hospital stats than people who weren't looking at greenery during their recovery periods. 

    A 2007 study showed that people with more plants in their workspace took fewer sick days and were more productive on the job. 

Black cat with plants Photo by Inna Yatsun on Unsplash If you're looking to invest in some plants, now is better than never! If you have pets, please view this list to ensure you're not bringing home any toxic plants that can be harmful to your pets!