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April 22nd is Earth Day, and on this day we often find ourselves thinking of how we can help our environment and what we have done so far. What if one way was to change the way you fueled your body? A plant-based diet provides you with the necessary nutrients and provides the world with less in pollution and a much better chance of sustainability. These are five reasons why you should consider a plant-based diet. It is crucial not only to eat what makes you happy but also what makes the Earth and your body happy.

A plant based diet helps the environment in huge ways by purifying the air, cleansing the soil, and conserving water.

Many companies provide the world with animal products or products containing animal products, are responsible for the world’s environmental problems. Livestock is a large consumer of freshwater resources and is also the biggest polluters of fresh water. Imagine, if the world cut down to just half of the current animal product consumption, people around the world would have a higher chance of having access to freshwater resources. Raising livestock also leads to deforestation due to the need of land to raise the animals, this means the constant removal of plants that provide resilience and nutrients to the environment.

Fun Fact: All of the world’s livestock causes more air pollution than cars, buses, and all modes of other transportation in the world combined.

Helps fight world hunger due to the amount of currency needed to support a diet of plants to a community being less than having to provide that same amount in meat.

An article on the globalcitizan.org states that “70% of the grain grown in the US feeds livestock, and, globally, 83% of farmland is set aside to raise animals” meaning TONS of food are going to the conservation of livestock instead of the many communities around the globe that struggle with world hunger. As the Earth’s population grows, it would be ultimately impossible for the entire world to remain eating a standard American diet. There will not be enough land to clear out for livestock, and the amount of pollution it would cause would be unbearable.


Increases your overall health.

Studies show that a plant-based diet provides humans with more nutrients than the standard American diet. This means fewer health concerns in the future and a lower chance of a pricey doctor visit since veganism forces a person to be more conscious of the ingredients they are consuming. A standard American diet often includes highly processed foods that usually leaves consumers feeling sluggish, a diet filled with fresher ingredients high in nutrients a can make consumers feel so much better.

Boosts your mood and increases dedication.

When a person feels good about what they are putting into their body, it causes a shift in their attitude about food. To know that you are treating your body well and remembering that “you get out what you put in” adds another aspect of yourself that you can genuinely admire. Switching from a standard American diet to a plant-based diet needs an amount of dedication that allows a person to enjoy the experience and find what works for them thoroughly.


A chance to improve cooking skills and have fun trying new dishes.

There are SO many delicious meals to each on a plant-based diet, even those that mock your meat and cheese filled favorites and taste just as good. Finding these new ingredients and finding out how to use them increases a person’s knowledge of cooking and expands their flavor pallet. Going plant-based can be a fun experience with necessary effort.

Consider these reasons and know that even if your diet isn’t completely plant-based, even the slightest decrease in the consumption of animal products can cause a change in the betterment of our environment. Change starts with you!

Jasmine Holland

Kennesaw '22

I am a junior marketing major at Kennesaw State University from Augusta, Georgia #706 :) I love to write about topics relating to my own experiences, fitness, veganism, and anything that could make someone happy and/or motivate and inspire them. //ig:@plantingjasmines //ig: @jasminexmonique
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