5 Food Instagram Pages You Need To Follow

Food pages on Instagram are honestly my weakness. Here are my favorites!

  1. 1. Buzzfeed Tasty

    Ugh, my ULTIMATE favorite! Buzzfeed Tasty makes the food or drinks with instructions so you can make it at home for yourself or others! 

  2. 2. Her Campus Foodie

    Her Campus is always aesthetically pleasing but their food page? ON ANOTHER LEVEL, OKAY? The food they show makes you want to grab and eat it!

  3. 3. Bring Me

    Bring Me takes you on a wild ride to outside the U.S., to different countries, or your state! The food possibilities are ENDLESS on this Instagram account!

  4. 4. Food Insider

    Food Insiders takes you on a beautiful, food-filled journey to how restaurants make their memorable meals! This Instagram account is THE best!

  5. 5. Food Fetish

    The ultimate food Instagram is here, and it's AMAZING! Food Fetish has the tastiest, juiciest, mouth-watering food account you could ever imagine!

Watching these videos and looking at the pictures will have you hungry! I'll be right back. Food is calling my name!