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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Keiser LAC chapter.

It’s official. The week of finals, stress, and desperate attempts to save the semester has begun! Sometimes during finals, a little breakdown here and there might occur, but worry not! These celebs can relate to us all as we experience the rush, stress, and desperation that is always on time for this week.

Finally attending office hours.

You finally gather the courage and schedule your meetings with your beloved professors and after preparing a Nobel-prize winning award speech in front of your mirror, you suddenly go blank, just like in their tests!

Desperation begins…

Suddenly, the whole world seems to crumble right before your eyes. You have 3 papers, quizzes, home works and projects due the same week! So of course, you start smiling too bright at your professors… as if that would make them suddenly like you and give you and A.

You manage to survive the first all-nighter of the week… barely.

You start living in the library.

People you have never seen in your life appear out of nowhere in the library. On the same note, all of the study rooms are always crowded and you have to look for the perfect spot with zero distractions. What is sunlight anyways?

A special bond is formed between you and the rest of your frustrated class.

We are all friends now. We probably talked once and won’t do so again, but we’re friends!


You all start questioning why the snack shops are not open 24/7.

Really, why.

Our true selves come out.

Yoga pants and no make-up are totally acceptable, especially with a nice shirt… even though you didn’t have time to shower after cramming all night and falling asleep.

Then, the moment to enter the classroom arrives.

After living the zombie life and basically dying, you are finally ready to face the battle ahead of you. Well, as ready as you can be.

But, there is THAT one test that ends too quickly…

and soon enough, the professor is taking it away.

However, when all was thought to be lost, you manage to get an A in at least one test!

Or a couple of your exams. YAY!

And let’s accept it, we actually learned valuable things.

Thanks professors and Google!

So there you go, the finals experience. Even though studying and cramming all night has become a trend these days, try not to make it a habit! As you know, the best study tip professors give us is to start studying a week before or at least a couple of days prior to the exam. It will be difficult to improve this for next semester, but its worth a try. However, let’s be realistic, are finals truly finals if you don’t die a little bit before? Let us know if you’ll be taking the good advice next semester! We sure hope we do too!

Good luck and enjoy those well deserved vacations!

Valeria is the correspondent and head editor of her chapter in Keiser University Latin American Campus and is a second-semester freshman pursuing a degree in International Business diplomacy. She has an addiction to reading, writing, and cookie milkshakes. She manages her chapter’s club on her campus in Nicaragua and is actively involved in other campus activities as well, but you can usually find her gushing about the latest novel she read, having lots of snacks, and playing tennis.