Reasons to Love Volleyball

I started playing volleyball when I was seven years old, my mom taught me during summer vacations. She used to play it back in high school, and ever since she taught me, it has been my passion. I think that for every athlete regarding the sport they play there are certain things that makes their sport special. I fell in love with volleyball the second I got in the court, everything about it makes it amazing. However, I believe the best gift the sport has given me are the friendships and memories that will last forever. Every game is a new experience, and every team has different chacteristics were you learn from. There are several reasons why volleyball is my favorite sport, here are my three main reasons of why I love volleyball and I recommend all of you to play it!

1. Volleyball is a team sport, meaning you communicate and work with other people, and your team becomes a family.

2. Volleyball makes you exercise all of your body.

3. Playing volleyball helps you to create life time memories.