Milene Nkouamen

Outstanding Kean university student for the last four years. She is an international student from Cameroon who takes education as her priority. She is being praised for accomplishing much her four years and still majoring in Chemistry at the same time. Milene, has maintained a 3.5 GPA while being active in the following; community service, serving on the executive board in campus clubs, maintaining an active social life outside of class, and preparing for Pharmacy school.

Milene, has served as a secretary of the African Student Association (ASA) at Kean University, preparing and maintaining schedules and notes, upload minutes every week, while emailing reminders to members about meetings, hosting open houses, decorating and setting up for many events. She has volunteered in Habitat for Humanity, painting houses when it was necessary. Miss Nkouamen recently volunteered for the Food Bank during the month of April. Meanwhile she is actively taking four classes, which consists of Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and still passes her tests with flying colors. What a Wonder Woman!

But, the most impressionable trait about Miss Nkouamen is that she has a heart that is willing to give help where it is most needed. I joke with Milene and tell her that she is a "walking library," because she knows everything there is to know about Kean University. Thanks to her I never feel lost. She replies to me "I've been here too long, my sista," displaying her African Heritage with her tone. Milene Nkouamen, is someone we should use as an example to balance hard work, dedication, and fun!