Healthy Tip #1 Wake Me Up! Pre-Workout Deliciousness

For those of you who work out and hit the gym 5 - 6 times per week and are in need for a lightweight pick me up meal before you sweat those abs out, consider this!

2 cups of plain, NO SUGAR yogurt - classic or Greek - whichever satisfies those taste buds. A small handful of granola, and some added fresh berries will do. I generally put blueberries and a hint of strawberries with some variation at times, but you can add whichever succulent berries you wish. Add honey for a satisfyingly sweet taste that is completely natural - good for you too. This meal is not too heavy or light and gives the perfect amount of fat, carbs, and energy to fuel your workout. Your added bonus, antioxidants!

You don't have to be a hardcore gym buff to eat this. It's a perfect pick me up for lunch or in between meals. The trick is to eat this more during the day when your metabolism is revved up rather than at night before bed.


- 2 cups - plain yogurt, no sugar added

- 1/2 cup - granola ( If you're on a fixed budget and don't have regular granola you can buy granola bars, i.e, natures valley or store brand, crush them up and sprinkle it into your yogurt)

- Unlimited - fresh berries ( blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc) (Farmers market has the best prices)

- Unlimited - honey (sweeten the meal to your liking)

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