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Celebrity Power Couple: Meagan Good and Devon Franklin


Jay and Bey, Nick Cannon and Mariah, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and the list of celebrity power couples go on.

I’m here to introduce a power couple, that you already may be familiar with, the beautiful and remarkably talented Meagan Good and Pastor Devon Franklin.

How does this power couple stand out from the rest?

Christ being the rock of their relationship. Now I’m not here to say other couples don’t consistently promote Christ, but the Franklins have made it their mission to make Christ known.

Meagan is right behind Pastor Franklin each and every Sunday at their church. Meagan has made an incredible impact in people’s lives spreading positivity. Her continuous appearances at churches, conferences, and colleges are not overlooked.

“I’m not perfect buuut?, I looovee JESUS!!!!.” Meagan has stamped to her Instagram. Consistent post of positive messages and scripture is what is displayed on her page.

The Franklins are an orderly reminder that one can still remain positive and be actively involved in mainstream media.

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