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Why Galentine’s is just as important as Valentine’s

Uteruses before duderuses…ovaries before brovaries

Leslie Knope

February 14th is the day most associated with celebrating the love of your partner; whether new or old. People usually go out, get each other gifts and chocolate. But nobody actually talks about how intimidating and excluding this can feel for people that are single. Even if you’re not single, you can never forget about celebrating your girlfriends the day before Valentine’s Day: here’s how and why celebrating the gals in your life are as important as your SO.

Valentine’s Day related gifts can be for your friends too

While ‘gift giving’ is a love language, it is also an act of kindness. So, getting small gifts for your friends on Valentine’s weekend is a great idea to show that you appreciate them as much as a significant other. It doesn’t have to be pricy — simply buying a bouquet of roses and giving one to each of your friends is a nice touch.

have a girl’s only day on the 13th

Sure, you may have plans on the 14th that include dressing up and going for a fancy dinner, but who says you can’t also have a very low-key casual pyjama party the day before? Invite the girls over (no partners allowed!), buy face masks, watch a rom-com with some wine and have fun! Celebrating each other shows that you’re not obsessing about making V-day only about couples. Besides, staying in is a good idea when restaurant or bar prices are only inflated for the sake of Valentine’s. (Yes, surprisingly enough, there is an element of capitalism on the 14th that makes people spend more). There is nothing more obnoxious than a single, but independent, woman being surrounded by couples when she would rather sip wine and cry watching a film on the sofa. And there’s no shame in that.

never forget about your friends when you get into a new relationship

Sometimes a long-lasting friendship can be more life-shaping than any other relationship. Friendships should not be deemed less important than relationships, and it is up to the ‘taken’ friend to make sure their existing friendship isn’t negatively impacted. Some people might feel forgotten when their best friend gets a SO, and they may be really happy for them, but it is important to never forget those who will be there for you if things go wrong.

Aurora is a second year undergraduate English student at King's College London. She has a passion for writing poetry, as well as watching the sunset on the beach, learning about personal wellness and a love for specific fashion aesthetics. She cannot go a day without music or coffee.
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