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Where Does the Celebration of Valentine’s Day Come From?

February 14 is perhaps one of the most anticipated yet hated days. Valentine’s Day is a time to show your feelings to your beloved, or a day to feel deeply lonely. In truth, one might wonder who created this celebration? In whose honor? And why?

It turns out that there is a Saint Valentine, born in 226 AD. Actually, the Catholic Church recognized three different Saints called Valentine. However, there is only one story that is really interesting. In fact, it is more a legend than a story. 

The legend has it that in 3rd century Rome, Emperor Claudius II realized that young men were stronger and fought better against the enemy if they had neither wives nor children. The emperor therefore instituted the rule that marriage would be prohibited for all young men. Valentine was a priest who served during this time, and being against the rule established by Claudius II, he decided to marry people in secret. Of course, when the Emperor found out about Valentine’s illegal actions, he decided to kill him. Saint Valentine died as a martyr, which explains why we celebrate our beloved on February 14, the anniversary of his supposed death.

In short, this celebration is still the fruit of the suffering that love brings. So yes, it is beautiful and might be all pink, but sometimes shouldn’t you simply celebrate the day with your friends? 

If you are single, why wouldn’t you celebrate with friends and family? It can be whoever – just try to spend a nice night with the people you love. 


Happy Valentine’s Day ! 


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