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Midnight Poppy Land:

If you read Webtoons and you haven’t heard of Midnight Poppy Land, then where have you been? It’s possibly one of the best romantic Webtoon comics out there and has gained popularity for its charismatic portrayal of its main characters, Poppylan and Tora, and their seemingly unconventional pairing as well as a Mafia subplot, that’s just as intriguing.

At first, I wasn’t completely sold because it appeared to be just the usual good girl, bad guy trope, however, I was wrong. It is that, but so much more. Something I particularly loved about Midnight Poppy Land is how relatable the characters are and how it explores such relevant topics of self-worth, toxic relationships, abandonment, etc. with such ease and rawness. I didn’t go into this thinking I’d have much in common with a notorious member of the Mafia, yet I did. The writer humanises each character to a point where you can almost build a connection with every one of them, and not to mention the beautiful illustrations, which bring every frame to life. It’s a great and easy read and I highly recommend everyone to give this a go.

Purple Hyacinth:

Think Sherlock Holmes meets Jekyll and Hyde…well sort of. Purple Hyacinth has the aesthetic of a gothic novel but the plot and suspense of a great mystery–basically, my perfect comic. It’s rare to find a comic that has a plot beyond the basic love story and that does justice to both, and I feel PH does that effortlessly. It also has a beautiful soundtrack that really adds to the suspense of the plot, which is not often seen in many Webtoon comics. If you’re into a dark, gothic aesthetic or love a good mystery, then PH is a great shout.

Down to Earth:

This one surprised me the most, I was initially wary of reading something sci-fi related and in a different style of art than I was used to, but it’s safe to say that I was not disappointed. Down to Earth is a beautiful story of an alien and a human, and it’s as crazy and chaotic as it sounds. The plot is nothing too crazy (yet), but the chemistry between the two characters keeps you hooked. The humour, silliness, and quirkiness of the whole setup makes it a worthwhile read.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King:

This was another out of my comfort zone read. I tend to stay away from historical comics because they either drag on until the plot becomes non-existent or end abruptly. MDCBK was an exception. It has all your typical historical fiction requirements–a revenge plot, family reputations at stake, star-crossed lovers, etc, but the writer does a great job at selling you the characters, especially Kihara Mei, the main lead, which makes every plot twist and problem so much more enjoyable because you’re so invested in her character development and journey. If you love a good tale of deceit, revenge, and legacy, then this is the perfect comic to add to your reading list.

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