Ways to start a conversation outside class



With the new year and the start of the new semester, there is this feeling of starting fresh with a different mindset. Having spent the first semester of the year getting used to different study methods and a more rigorous academic workload. The second semester means more serious study but is also works as the perfect opportunity to meet and interact with people you used to see in the hallways. Basic introductions and friendly ice breakers will push past the ‘awkward wave and smile outside the class’ phase and help you find a study partner in your seminar or forge a new friendship in the circle study room at Maughan. Studying at king’s, you quickly learn that the first few questions people ask are ‘what are you studying’, ‘where are you from’ and occasionally, ‘which accommodation do you stay at’.  Moving past these questions which usually lead to a conversation quickly fading out, here is a list of possible questions to ask to keep a conversation going and potentially, a friendship blossoming.


How are you finding the course so far?


Everyone loves to complain, so feel free to loudly share angst over the workload, the copious amounts of reading before class and the numerous essays you have due each week. Sometimes just cumulatively complaining about all the academic and extra-curricular work you have to do just eases the brain. Its human to instantly feel better when you realize that everyone is suffering like you are.   


What did you do last weekend?


Each weekend at university is dramatically different. Sometimes, you find yourself locked in your room reading for two days straight, occasionally feeding your hunger pangs. Other weeks, you find yourself on a weekend bender. Comparing notes on how your weekend went on a hungover Monday morning is the best way to figure out other fun things to do around the city as well as subtly clarify the reason behind your exhaustion. Maybe even invite them out with you the next time you go out!  



Hidden culinary treasures 


If you could only eat at one restaurant near campus for the rest of the semester, or have only one meal at the campus restaurants, which would you choose?

Comparing the merits of study snacks at different cafes across king’s campus’ (I have heard some wonderful things about the 2-pound potato wedges at the waterloo campus cafeteria). Sharing notes on the cheap and healthy meal options at restaurants around king’s campus’ is also a great conversation starter. As a bonus, if you and that person happen to have a good vibe going, this question smoothly segues into the ‘want to grab some lunch after class?’ proposition.



Which library is the best base camp for essays?


The obvious answer here is the circle reading room at Maughan. However, unless you plan on spending Friday night studying, there is a large chance you are not going to find a seat there. New Hunts Library at Guys seems to be an extremely popular choice.


Sports night


Sports nights at guys bar and the vault seem to be the most popular and widely attended student nights. At any class, you will find a few people who have attended them. Pick up a conversation about it. How was the music, was it crowded, how long was the line outside? Everyone on campus seems to want to go to at least one sports night a term - so take your new friend. Try one night out with them and maybe you’ll see a spark for a potential new friendship. 


Now that you’ve read this, you have absolutely no excuse not to try and branch out and make some new friends!