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The Ultimate Guide to Personal and DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Significant Other

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

Everyone loves personalized presents. But speaking of personalizing, why not go all the way and create presents yourself? Except for being so much fun, it also shows your giftee how much you care about them! 


1. DIY memory jar 

What will you need?

  • A jar (I recommend upcycling a jar you already have in your kitchen e.g. an empty jar left after peanut butter)  

  • Some paper (plain white sheets are fine but if you want, you might also use paper in your significant other’s favourite colour) 

  • Stationery to write with  

  • Ribbon (to decorate) 

  • Good memories  

That’s as simple as it can be! Cut the paper into small pieces – the amount of paper depends on the number of memories you want to include. Think of all the good memories you have with your significant other e.g. a date night, a vacation memory or even casual cuddling on a sofa. Write one memory on one piece of paper. If you remember, at the bottom of the scrap you can add a date or year of that memory. Fold the pieces of paper and put them into the jar. You can decorate the jar e.g. using a ribbon. 

Your significant other will love such a gift, not only because it is hand-made but mainly because it brings wholesome memories. Later, you can read through the memories you have put down together and even add new ones so that your jar grows! 


2. DIY photo album 

What will you need? 

  • Photos of you and your significant other  

  • An empty album or a notebook (you can use either a regular photo album or a scrapbook photo album with empty pages or, as such scrapbook photo albums might get very expensive, you can even buy a notebook with plain pages inside – either one will do perfectly) 

  • Stationery

The main task is to put or stick your photos into the album. I recommend organizing them e.g. either chronologically or by grouping similar memories together. Once you have organised your album and put the photos in it, personalize it! Next to each photo you can jot down a memorable quote or an inside joke only you two know. You can also put there some concert or cinema tickets that you have kept as souvenirs to match the memories you are describing. Finally, you can tie your album with a ribbon to make it look neat!


3. A playlist  

If you feel completely helpless at arts and crafts, do not despair! Not all presents must be tangible. Instead, you can compose a playlist with you and your significant other’s favourite songs. That present is a great idea especially if you have similar music taste and enjoy listening to music together. 


4. A work of art  

If you are an artistic soul or simply want to try something new, I recommend giving your own work of art as a present. It does not have to be perfect as long as it is made by you! Whether it is a poster that you design and print out, a picture that you paint or a song that you compose for someone – all of these are fantastic, personal and very inspiring presents. I guarantee that your significant other would be absolutely moved and amazed by the amount of work you have put into it. 


5. A letter 

Yet, if you feel helpless at doing DIY things but still want to include something personal to your gift, a great idea is to write a letter! It does not have to be anything specific, you can include birthday wishes in it or just some nice words you always wanted to say to the other person. It’s a great present idea because it is long-lasting and the giftee can always come back to the nice words you have once written for them. 


I'm Julia, a passionate English Language and Linguistics student. As a vegan "eco-terrorist", I want to spread awareness about how on a daily basis we may contribute to helping our planet. My writing focuses on some of my greatest passions: food, literature and love towards other languages and cultures.