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The Top 8 Student Vloggers To Help You Push Through Your Procrastination

We all know how the story goes. The reading is piling up, you’re sleep deprived and that mid-semester coursework is looming. Motivation for getting on with your work seems non-existent so you crawl back into your bed and turn to YouTube. *record scratch* Instead of re-watching the Chicken Connoisseur videos why not productively procrastinate by having a look at some of these student vloggers who can help inspire you to get on top of your workload.


1) Ibz Mo

This intelligent and inspirational yet hilarious Cambridge university student has used his platform to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply to Oxbridge, helping to make higher education more accessible to all.


2) Adessy

Adessy is a wise and humble literature student who advocates keeping your long-term goals at the forefront of your mind during the periods where you lack inspiration; something that I’m sure is very relatable to most of us.


3) The Strive To Fit

Jamie’s channel has a wide variety of study related videos from tips on how to stay productive to study with me videos, all of which can be really useful when assignments need to be done but you feel as if you have no energy to do them.


4) Alicedoesphysics

Alice, who studies Physics at Lancaster University, helps her viewers to remain motivated through her study related videos and week in the life as a uni student vlogs.


5) Ryhan Hussain

This medical student provides advice related and study with me videos, perfect for when you need an extra kick to get on with that dreaded reading.


6) Holly Gabrielle

Being a Natural Sciences student at Cambridge university, Holly often shares her tips on how she stays motivated and avoids distraction when the pressure to perform well is on.


7) Nissy Tee

Another Cambridge vlogger? Yes, but Nissy is so much more than just a Cambridge vlogger. This presenter and founder of BEBBonline is a reminder of how much hard work and determination pays off.


8) Jane and Jady

These medical students offer great advice in regards to studying tips and general organisation. However, just seeing Jane and Jady’s commitment to their education through their videos is something that can definitely help us to appreciate the value of education and just keep going.


So if you’re putting off tasks you need to do, I hope that some of these channels can be of help to you. Procrastination is not the way. Get on with your work. Seize the day.

I'm a first year literature student and lover of Motown and 90s RnB. Passionate about travelling and learning more about different cultures. I aspire to inspire.
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