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Time to watch Netflix for outfit inspiration

Need a break from uni work? Tired of Pinterest and Instagram trends for your fits? Feel like a slob going to uni and jealous of everyone’s clothes? Watch some movies and shows for fashion inspiration instead!

Euphoria, for example, really projects the characters’ personalities and moods: Rue’s relaxed look with her skater trousers and relaxed shirts gives very 90s vibes and looks, like she’s been raiding some thrift shops.

Speaking of the 90s, we all know how iconic the clothes are in Friends. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all project their different sense of styles and identities. And for a more loose and comfy vibe, check out the guys’ fashion sense. Hello, baby tees, mini skirts, and oversized jumpers.

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy’s looks are simple and classic whereas Willow has very skater/dickies vibes. Find yourself a good vintage leather jacket or maybe a few in different colours to pull with plaid skirts and slip dresses. “Well, I’m not quaking in my stylish-yet-affordable boots” says Buffy.

High Fidelity is an underrated show (and movie), starring Zoe Kravitz and her mother. Think purple tennis skirts, oversized band T-shirts, combat boots, and Hawaiian shirts. Great music too! It’s nice to see both Rob’s and their partner’s style contrasting from futuristic influencer to hippie. 

Scream – Yes, let’s scream for all five of the movie’s outfits, including the one with Courteney Cox’s very short fringe! Drew Barrymore’s cream jumper is a yes with her blonde Bob and Billys’ plain white T-shirt (albeit covered in blood). These looks, despite bing simplistic, were probably the most iconic ones in this series. All tied together with a good pair of jeans! Tatum Riley, Sydney’s best friend, was really ahead of her time with her patterned skirts, cropped football jerseys, and white Doc Martens, as well as her sarcastic personality. “Please don’t kill me Mr Ghost face, I wanna be in the sequel.”

Lastly, if you’re thinking of monochrome colour pallets (especially bright oranges and pale pinks) check out any Wes Anderson film. For example, Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums, with eyeliner in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Her historic fur coat represents her strive for success, wealth, and adulthood despite remaining and being in touch with her childhood while wearing the same Lacoste tennis dresses, which I’m here for. Anderson’s ability to show off the clothing for the animals In ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ is equally admirable, such as Mr’s Fox’s apple dress, Mr Fox’s burnt orange corduroy suit, or even Ash’s homemade sock bandit hat.

P.S. Here are some YouTubers that embody timeless pieces like these shows and movies in case you have a shorter attention span: INTERNET GIRL, Devon Lee Carlson, Lucy McFadin, and Susielola.

Sophie is a maths student in London struggling like everyone else but making the best of it ! She enjoys eating too many tubs of hummus ( it’s shameful), listening to Taylor Swift and watching Rom-Coms on repeat.
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