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Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with someone or in your own company, there are just some shows/movies that are universally acceptable to watch regardless of whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not:

Pride and Prejudice

I was late to jump on the Pride and Prejudice wagon because I was certain I would hate it. I mean overdramatic and over-exaggerated period dramas weren’t really my favourite genre but P&P was not that. Apart from the actual plot, I was impressed by how invested I was in the characters, especially Mr. Darcy, who I just adored (like the rest of the world, I’m assuming). The story flows really well and successfully transports you into a new world, which is why this would be a great movie to watch on Feb 14th.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani

If you’re looking for a love story coupled with an adventurous trip to Manali with your friends, then this is it. It’s one of those comfort shows you watch to remove yourself from reality and will make you fantasise about going on a crazy trip with your friends and live your best life. Although it is about a blossoming love story about two polar opposite individuals, at the core it’s about friendship and maintaining it through the different stages of life. It is a great reminder that you don’t always need someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, as long as you have your family and friends by your side.

Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie was a surprise favourite and a great romantic movie. What I initially thought was an indie movie about high-school lovers was about overcoming hardships, denial, and regret surrounding love. The progression from teenage years to adulthood made me quite reminiscent of my own early teenage years and made me hopeful of what’s to come in my adult years. So if you want to be left with hope and happy vibes, then this is a great tale about more than just love.

I'm a second year student studying Economics and Management and spend most of my time watching Youtube, films, reading books and writing about how I'm coping with life as a college student.
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