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Seven Reasons You Should Be Watching The Umbrella Academy

The chances are, unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few weeks, you’ve at least heard of The Umbrella Academy. Netflix’s newest original series (released in one bundle for easy binge-watching) has proven itself to be a smash hit, following a family of kids with superpowers who have now grown up and find themselves with a deceased father and a whole lot of trouble coming their way. If you haven’t sat yourself down and watched all ten episodes by now, here are seven reasons you’ve been missing out.


1) They’re not your average ‘superheroes’

I am not a fan of superheroes at the best of times. The shocked look on someone’s face when they find out I’ve never seen a superhero film is a practically a daily occurrence, but I could just never relate to these characters whose actions never had consequences. The Hargreeves’ powers are odd and unconventional, but they also lead to ‘superheroes’ who can and do make a lot of mistakes and have to deal with them head on.

2) You can definitely relate

Okay, so you’ve probably never had to save the world. But fighting with your siblings? Dealing with making the wrong choice? Feeling like you’re the least liked out of your group of friend? At least one scene will hit you hard, and you’re not going to be ready when it does.


3) The clothes

The costume department on this show deserve a raise. From the nostalgic uniforms the Hargreeves wear as children in flashbacks, to the badass suit Ellen Page gets to sport, to the weird and wonderful things Klaus decides are clothing, there is an outfit to remember in almost every scene.


4) The dialogue

Some of it is cheesy, some of it is predictable, but it’s still all so good. And when it’s delivered by actors who really know what they’re doing with words like these guys do, it just seems real.

5) The family ties

There’s nothing better than a found family in a TV show, in my opinion. The Hargreeves may have been forced together when they were all adopted, but they’ve certainly grown apart by the start of the series. Watching them sit down and have conversations they should have had years ago and start to trust one another again would be worth a watch even without all the super power drama.

6) The soundtrack

Imagine every cool song you’d forgotten, throw in a couple you didn’t realise could be that cool and then another few you didn’t know could hurt so much. Every song they play in this show is perfect and I for one am absolutely dying for a soundtrack album.

7) Season two!

Netflix just announced a second season, and you’ve going to want plenty of time to mull over the cliff-hanger at the end of episode 10 with the rest of us before it goes live!

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