A Revision-Friendly Netflix Playlist

Exam season is fast approaching, along with the unwelcomed stress that comes with it. We are all mutually attempting to locate information on the countless folders on our computer, trying to take timed breaks to increase productivity, and contemplating whether printing an entire module booklet would be wasteful if the exam itself is online. Finding ways to relax and detach yourself can be extremely difficult. For some people, it may be through exercise, meditation, or talking to friends for a post-revision catch-up. For others, it may be to tune into an episode of an enjoyable Netflix show. To lend a helping hand, here is a list of some exam-friendly shows that provide a quick, unemotional break:


The IT Crowd

Still remaining iconic almost eight years after it officially ended, the British sitcom, though short in length, has no deficit in laughter. Following the chaotic operation of two IT experts led by a technophobe boss, their lack of social capital, defiant cynicism, and their hilarious interactions provide for a truly wonderful watch. Recognised for its comedic brilliance by both the BAFTAs and the International Emmys, it is an undeniably joyful break.



Another legendary British sitcom, Miranda follows Miranda Hart as she hilariously navigates her thirties, accompanied by the audience as she breaks the fourth wall. Starting from when an old university friend, Gary Preston, reenters Miranda’s life, she is forced to acquaint herself with her reignited feelings. Supported by her trusted and semi-rational best friend Stevie, her overbearing and interventionist mother, and a plethora of previous snobbish boarding school mates, her antics range from painfully relatable to devastatingly random. Though much less romantic than the class Bridget Jones-style thirties narrative, Miranda is endearingly truthful, making for a worthwhile 30-minute break time watch.   


Call My Agent!

Globally recognized for its satirical coverage of the talent agency business, Call My Agent! (or Dix pour cent, as per the original French title) follows the Samuel Kerr Agency (ASK). As its employees struggle to advocate for their actor clients, run into fiscal trouble, and have a virtually non-existent work-life balance, it is revealed that the life of business is not only cutthroat, but can also be gloriously funny. Not only do we see loveable characters grow and progress into well-earned success, we also see a host of famous faces, from Juliette Binoche to Sigourney Weaver. For surprising twists and turns that clash with your favourite celebrities, Call My Agent! is a perfect departure from our unglamourous workload.


Cobra Kai

Already a global smash hit since its move from YouTube Red to Netflix, Cobra Kai is a perfectly curated legacy to its seminal ancestor, The Karate Kid. Picking up roughly 34 years after the original films, we finally witness the perspective of renowned ‘bully’ Johnny Lawrence, as he materializes his vision of what Cobra Kai could be, alongside new student and heart of the show, Miguel Diaz. Of course, such a show wouldn’t be complete without Daniel LaRusso (and his family), returning with a reinvigorated passion to share his Miyagi-Do teachings to counteract his everlasting view of Cobra Kai. Filled with twists, gloriously structured fight scenes, and constantly developing characters, Cobra Kai provides a sense of escapism for roughly 27-41 minute entirely worthwhile episodes.


Formula 1: Drive to Survive

For documentary fans, Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a perfect change of scenery. Beautifully capturing the highs and lows of Formula 1 teams, we are introduced to the politics, drama, and financial struggles we don’t often see as the cars blur past our screens. By generally revolving around a different team every episode, audiences have the luxury of investing themselves in the entire series, or only following the in-depth focus on their favourite teams. Again, both the subject matter and the documentary style ensures that its 27-40 minute episodes are a complete disconnect from your laborious exam preparation.