Reading Week in Paris

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A couple of my friends and I had mentioned to each other, a while ago, while we were watching a movie that we would all love to go to Paris together. It seemed like an unrealistic dream that we had just mentioned. A couple of weeks later, we realised we had 10 days off for reading week, visas and nothing better to do we figured it would be against fate to not take the plunge and just go. We decided to save money and take the bus to Paris instead so we could spend more on accommodation and doing fun things there. At the time it seemed iffy, but if you are considering this mode of transport, I say go for it! The bus cost us approximately £40.00 which isn’t too bad. It’s an eight-hour bus ride with some of your closest friends so don’t worry about getting bored. The buses are extremely comfortable and the stop plenty of times for you to fetch food and a drink and stretch your leg so you don't feel the journey at all. I’m writing this article as I wade through the English Chanel to get back to London so it is a wonderful opportunity to get some work done as well! As I reflected over the last couple of days to make notes for this article I realised that I feel very content, happy and grateful post this trip so if you are considering Paris, I 100% recommend that you convince your buddies and you just go.

And when you do, here are some MUST DO'S:

Things to do

1. Les invalids

This is Napoleon’s tomb and also an army museum. It has a fantastic chronological exhibit. It fascinated me to see the development of weaponry through the centuries and the armour is beautiful. There it’s a glorious, gorgeous church in the centre of the museum. It is also home to Napoleons' bright gold and beautiful tomb. This museum was relatively less crowded and we got in free because of our British residency. (Yay! But this did not seem to work in all the other museums, unfortunately, thanks to Brexit). The external building is just drop dead gorgeous if you’re looking for some Insta inspiration.

2. Eiffel tower

This and the next one on my list are obvious musts sees if you’re ever in Paris. You know that! We went to the Eiffel tower in the evening and didn’t have the option to walk up. However, we were lucky enough to be on the tippy-top when the tower started to sparkle (it sparkles for 5 minutes every hour post sundown) and it sparkled again when we were strolling around it post-sunset so we had the most mesmerising view of the tower. It also starts to get less crowded post-sunset, possibly because it gets bitterly cold so if you're ready to brave the weather, nighttime Eiffel is the one for you. And if you’re not a student on a budget, (I doubt I caught one of you working women here but if I did), there is a fancy restaurant inside the tower and it seemed like one to try!

3. Louvre

And that brings us to our next obvious tourist attraction. A gorgeous museum that is humanly impossible to complete in one day but whichever exhibit you pick to visit, I promise you will be stunned. The building itself is as stunning as you expect it to be, if not more and each room inside puts the previous one to shame. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to warn you that room Mona Lisa is swamped with tourists and you have to wait in a queue to see a painting that in my opinion, is shamed by the ones around it.

4. Champs Elysees

This is the avenue filled with high street fashion stores. It is a wonderful street to walk on, although it is extremely touristy. It is breathtaking to walk down the street (if you’re slightly adventurous maybe even cycle or scooter down). Somehow even the most mundane things are gorgeous in Paris - even the H&M here is stunning! 

5. Le Marais

      This one is a hidden gem of Paris that I strongly urge you to go to, especially if you’re a vintage lover. There are some charming little stores in Le Marais with the most delightful old pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is an experience just to visit the tiny streets and walk in and out of the vintage stores with a fresh croissant in your hand.


1. Matignon

This one is a restaurant club in central Paris. It’s a fancy place but if you split it with a bunch of your friends, it does not work out to be very expensive. It’s a pretty little restaurant with really good food - especially, the side of mashed potato (It’s weird and I hate to admit this but I’ve been dreaming about those waxy, buttery, creamy pomme de Terres ever since). We loved dressing fancy and wining (and whining about reading week ending) & dining at this restaurant and I would recommend it to anybody visiting Paris.

2. Cuccina eat

To be fair Paris is filled with the cutest small restaurants and I can honestly say that all of the food I ate, at every single restaurant, never let me down. However, this one deserves a special shout out so I thought I should add it to my list. It’s a family-run restaurant and they pour love into every item that comes out of their kitchen and analyse the reason behind every piece of food that goes back without being eaten (you won't see this thought because you will be licking your plates clean). The food here is fresh, organic, homemade and extremely French and it feels and tastes exactly like it. All of us loved every bite we took. It is a 6-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower so you have no excuse to not check it out! 

3. Pierre hermé

Another must-visit if you’re in Paris and I don’t need to talk about this place at all. Gossip Girl gave this place enough publicity and I know that if you have watched and enjoyed the show, you'll automatically make your way here.  


1. Le Duplex

When you go visit a city with friends during your time at university, you’re bound to want to club. This is as much a part of experiencing the culture of a country. We only went out one night to le duplex and we loved it. From someone who generally is not a big fn of nigh clubs, I can confirm that clubbing in Paris just hits different. The crowd was extremely international and everybody was very chilled out and relaxed. That is the best way I can explain it. Entry is free before 12:30 am and the music was a blend of English and French. I’m still listening to the songs we heard that night and am now a French music addict. If you take nothing else out of this article, at least please add the top 50 French songs to your playlist and give them a listen. I assure you, you won’t regret it!


Hoping to see everyone on the bus to Paris next reading week!


Au revoir!