Preparing for a Covid Christmas

This will not be a normal holiday season, as you are probably reminded time and time again. You may not get to see your family this festive season or get to celebrate the holidays with all your loved ones (in person), but that in no way means the holiday season is cancelled! The holidays are a very exciting time, so here are my suggestions on how to maximise excitement this Covid Christmas.


Break out the warm beverages and get cracking in the kitchen

The smell of sugary baked goods wafting through the house puts us in the holiday mood like no other activity so its time to start making use of those baking trays and cook/ bake up a storm for your flatmates, or even just a cosy night in with yourself. With winter setting in, its time for the hot cocoa to make a comeback as well! The festive seasonal drinks being served at cafés around the city are also perfect to ease ourselves into the holiday season.


Netflix party, all the way

Watching Christmas films while cuddled up with loved ones are some of my best memories from this time of year. Although the cuddling will have to wait until it is safe for us to be within six feet of each other, the film shenanigans can continue. We can cuddle up with a warm beverage and some snacks instead! Netflix partying Christmas movies or having a Zoom sesh with friends or family will definitely not be the same, but they can make us feel connected and get us into the holiday spirit together! Hallmark films are great to watch with family or younger siblings. 


Get cosy at home

Since we will be spending a lot more time in our rooms at home this winter, why not take the extra time to make it festive and cosy. Layer your bed with a couple extra blankets and put up those fairy lights that have been lying in your dresser. Maybe even print up some pictures and hang them up make your room comfortable and Christmassy enough. Spend that extra time decorating your home; this is the year to go all out! Christmas décor and lights are already making an appearance on the streets of London. Before the temperature dips to below freezing levels, convince your flatmates or family to take a long walk with you to enjoy the sparkles and cuteness around town.


Plan ahead and online shop

Since stores are all closed (thank you lockdown 2.0), we will not be able to get away with last minute shopping. Delivery services will also be slower as they will be much more inundated than general. It is therefore even more important to stay organised and ahead of our Christmas shopping. Considering we will be doing all our shopping online, this is a perfect reason and time for us to research and find lovely local stores to shop from and support during this terribly hard time.


The holidays are also time for giving. Whether that means volunteering, helping out around the house, or donating some items to charities. Let us all take time out to give back to our communities this year.


Although the winter vacation will be drastically different from all the ones we've previously experienced, let's collectively take the opportunity to make the best of this close knit festive season and spend more quality time with immediate family or catching up with old friends. Happy festive season!