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Organizing a Humanitarian Project to Fight for Women’s Empowerment in Laos

Have you ever wanted to do something important, something that has a positive impact on the people around you? Well that’s what happened to me, I wanted to find a way to bring my contribution to the edifice.

It is a humanitarian project, aimed at the emancipation of women in Laos. I would like to go for 3 weeks to Luang Prabang to contribute to the objectives of the association with which I am travelling, GVI (Global Vision International), which align with those of the United Nations. The primary objective is therefore: gender equality.

I have always attached a particular importance to education, being for me an essential value. Besides, as Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world”. Therefore, I will:

  • Organize workshops related to health (Sexual e.g. contraception) 
  • Impart life skills to help Laotians get a job
  • Teach English


The Instagram post where you will find every details you need! 

There are different associations with this kind of program who offer different means of payment. With GVI, my first option was to pay by myself. However, being a student, I couldn’t afford to pay for everything on my own. My second option was to create a fundraiser. I was able to open a fundraising page on their platform and then create a detailed presentation of what I was going to do and look for sponsors.

For my project, the sponsors have the chance to appear on my website (right here: https://www.frenchie-amoureusedumonde.com) as well as on my backpack!

If you want to donate, here is the direct link to the fundraising page! Know that even 1€/£ counts https://fundraising.gviworld.com/fundraiser/luquand-manon-0013k00002t6rwraay/LALP0476N/ 

I recently read a quote that said: “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength” – which made me realize how true that is. With respect to culture, I would like to help these women show the world their incredible values, their beauty and what constitutes their strength. Today, you have the chance to help those women, by helping me achieve my goal.

And don’t forget, every woman is capable of great things!


Hi! My name is Manon, I am from France and I have been traveling the world my whole life. Exploring different countries is something I am passionate about it, I love connections and differences between cultures. I would love to write about everything on this world that deserve to be known !
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