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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

Now that the stress of exams is over and the routine of lectures and seminars are beginning again, if you are anything like me you might be looking for something new to brighten up the end of January. However, finding that something new can be unbelievably difficult if you’re plus sized. For those of you stuck in a bit of a fashion rut, or who just don’t know where to find decent plus-sized clothing, here is a bit of a beginners’ run-down for you.

I am by no means a fashion expert, but I have road tested these sites and found a few picks based on what I like at this time of year.


1) Asos.

The classic, the hub, the essential site for online shopping, and a tried and tested place to turn for plus size clothing. It can be a little intimidating for new shoppers considering even the plus size section is full of thousands of products but Asos always seems to deliver.

Pros: Free delivery over £20, Free (and crucially, easy) returns, 20% off for students right now!

Cons: Not the cheapest clothing around, sizing can be tough considering they work with many brands.

My Pick: 

It looks cosy enough for the lecture theatre at 9am without you having to actually wear pjs.


2) Boohoo Plus.

The place to go for basics and going out wear with less stock than Asos but still plenty of options. I personally like boohoo and the clothes I’ve bought from there seem to last, but I do keep in mind that the quality is a little lower considering the price of the items.

Pros: Always seems to be offers on, cheaper clothing if you are on a budget, similar returns policy to Asos, student discount

Cons: The necklines always seem to be a little low for me, the plus size section can be difficult to find on the website

My Pick: Just because I refuse to believe I can only wear sequins during the Holidays.


4) River Island Plus.

This is one of the newer high-street plus size collections and so isn’t in a lot of stores around the country however, I LOVE it. Everything I have bought from River Island Plus I have adored and wear constantly. They really seem to have gotten the sizing right (for me anyway) even erring on the slightly generous side. The collection is a lot smaller than both Boohoo and Asos and is more expensive, but the quality of the products is very high.

Pros: Brilliant sizing, compact but well-chosen collection, free returns

Cons: not available in many River Island shops

My Pick:

Practical enough that you can stomp your way around London without blisters and pretty enough to feel like a boss while doing so.


3) Simply Be.

Simply Be is a minefield in my opinion, I love looking through the clothing, but I don’t consistently buy from there. However, this is the only place you can buy OASIS PLUS clothing which is fairly new to the market.

Pros: has absolutely everything for all ages and styles, very inclusive sizing

Cons: returns seem difficult and it can be difficult finding what you want

My Pick:

Because it’s not just petite people who like prints.


5) Forever 21 Plus

I know it looks tempting since it’s super cheap while being cute but in my experience, the returns are very difficult to deal with and the products are of varying quality. A go-to if you can find it in shops, but online I would advise caution.

Pros: Lots of options at low prices, student discount

Cons: difficult and expensive returns, difficult to judge quality

My Pick:

Pretend to be visiting some sort of summer garden party with this jumpsuit and look, IT HAS POCKETS!


6) Pepperberry /Bravissimo

This is a bit of an odd one and I debated whether this counted as a plus size collection. While it only goes up to a size 18, these are clothes specifically designed for larger chests and so is a life saver for anyone in between standard and plus sizing and for those who cannot find fitted tops anywhere else.

Pros: 3 chest sizes for each item, free returns, ridiculously lovely staff

Cons: not massively size inclusive, quite expensive

My Pick: Fairly boring white shirt but it is a wardrobe staple that is tough to find in a fitted style if you are a little more curvy


7) New Look Plus

Another high-street brand but deserves a mention because it is a go to for me. Available from many of their stores, New Look’s plus collection is size inclusive and well-priced. Perfect for basics and those trend items that you don’t want to spend masses on because you know the trend will be over in a couple of months.

Pros: reliable sizing, wide ranging collection, good returns as New Look stores are everywhere, student discount

Cons: Not particularly unique clothes, can be a lot of filler

My Pick:

Ok but look how comfy the model looks! Its not exactly high fashion, I am aware, but we all need a fluffy warm dressing gown in the middle of January.


These are some of my favourite places to go to for plus sized fashion. Luckily, it seems to be an expanding market so there are lots more places to find plus sized clothing than even a year ago. This is just my advice for some places to start if you want to branch out with your plus sized shopping and try something new this January. 

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