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Manifest Everything You Want in 2021 Using a Vision Board

A vision board, as the name suggests, is a collage of all the things you want to bring into your life over a certain period of time. Creating a vision board helps you identify your goals and set intentions for everything you desire which can help inspire, motivate and guide you towards achieving these goals.

According to the Law of Attraction, what we focus on grows. So, if you make a vision board and place it somewhere you can see often, you effortlessly spend time focusing on what you want. Regularly looking at images of what you desire helps embed them into your subconscious mind which kickstarts the manifestation process. Similarly, looking at images of what you want brings about feelings associated with already having these things which puts you in the frequency of achieving your desires and helps them manifest quickly.

One of my favorite sayings about this process is that ‘it’s like having a craft day with God’ because you’re sending your desires out into the Universe. To start the process, you should set goals for 2021 in different areas of your life like health, academics, career, finances, personal growth, relationships and spirituality. This will make it easier to identify and select what to put on your board. You can either make one main board or several small ones for different areas or events in your life, whatever feels right to you.

I like to make mine digitally so I can have them on my phone, but you can also make them on poster boards, cork boards or the walls in your room. You can include photos, memes, quotes, objects, etc. – basically anything and everything that makes you feel good!

Examples of things to include are pictures of places you want to visit or experiences you want to have, the name or logo of the company you want to intern at and quotes that inspire and motivate you. When you’ve finished, you can make it your wallpaper if it’s digital, or place it next to your desk or bed if it’s physical – basically in a place that you can see several times during the day.

A really important thing with vision boards is to visualise the elements on them as though they’ve already manifested. So, if you have a picture of a place you want to visit, spend some time visualising yourself there as though the event is happening in real-time. Spending as little as ten minutes a day visualising the different elements on your board.

Vision boards are a great way of expressing yourself creatively and achieving your goals in an enjoyable manner, so have fun with the process! Remember, there are no rules or limits to it, as long as the finished product makes you feel good!


Third-year International Management student.
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