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Let’s Roll – A Beginner’s Guide to Roller-Skating

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

I never thought I would consider myself a sportsperson, yet one day Instagram suggested to me a video of a person roller-skating and to my surprise, I fell for it immediately. Further inspired by the upcoming spring season, I decided to give roller-skating a go. I have done plenty of research, looking for the most suitable equipment and acquiring knowledge from Facebook groups and YouTube videos on how to prepare for your very first roll and today, I want to share that portion of knowledge with you.


1. Find your roller-skates 

That’s absolutely essential if you want to learn roller-skating. There are many brands on the market offering several types of roller-skates. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you would rather skate outside, on a rink, or maybe you need roller-skates which are suitable for both outside and indoor skating. I personally recommend the last option, since, as a beginner, you will probably want to try both outdoor and indoor skating.

One of the best and most prominent roller-skating brands is called Moxi Skates, an American brand producing roller-skates for both beginner and advanced skaters. Yet, the price of some Moxi skates might be quite overwhelming at first. Some of the cheaper options offered by the brand are Moxi Beach Bunny and Moxi Rainbow Rider skates, yet availability might also be an issue when it comes to Moxi, as these roller-skates are in high demand. 

Hence, a cheaper and more available alternative to Moxi Skates is offered by an Australian brand Impala Skates, which produces roller-skates for beginner skaters, as well as inline skates and skateboards. I might be a little bit biased as these are the ones that I have and so far, I can highly recommend them. Yet, there are some negative opinions on these roller skates, as people point out that they are solely for beginners and are not as durable as the Moxi ones. What is an important feature of Impala skates for me is certainly the fact that they are PETA-approved vegan products.  

The Impala skates are more affordable but if the price is still a deal-breaker, I highly recommend looking for some second-hand skates. Roller-skates, if produced by a prominent brand, should be durable and long-lasting.  

2. Protective gear 

For a beginner roller-skater, protective gear is something that you must bear in mind as falls are an inevitable part of learning how to skate. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that show how to fall safely when skating, yet protective gear secures your elbows, knees and most importantly, wrists, which are very vulnerable.   

You do not need to invest in the most expensive protective gear, a basic set of knee, elbow and wrist pads is enough, but if you plan roller-skating on a ramp, a helmet is also advisable.  

Again, if you want to save some money, second-hand pads are a way to go! 

3. YouTube tutorials 

To begin skating you will certainly need some guidance and there is no better place to find tips and advice than YouTube. There are plenty of tutorials for beginners that will teach you how to prepare and put on your roller-skates to eventually start rolling. After you have acquired the basic skills, you can find inspiration for new dance moves and tricks on TikTok and Instagram. There is plenty of material online that will keep you busy and inspired. 


Roller-skating is a fun activity, perfect for the upcoming warm days. Whether you want to roll casually, learn some dance moves or try tricks on a ramp, roller-skating is perfect for all of these activities. 


I'm Julia, a passionate English Language and Linguistics student. As a vegan "eco-terrorist", I want to spread awareness about how on a daily basis we may contribute to helping our planet. My writing focuses on some of my greatest passions: food, literature and love towards other languages and cultures.