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How to Promote Your Social Media Account(s)

If you have a social media account, be it a personal or business account, you may wish to promote it. Recently, I was selected as a Social Media Associate for a committee at my university, which provided me with inspiration for this article.

I came up with this list of ideas about how to promote your social media and be truly unique:


1. Ensure your profile contains all the relevant information

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Having the correct information on your profile ensures that it maximizes impact. This is so your viewers can see exactly what your account is about and where to find any additional information they may require.


2. Branded hashtags

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Hashtags make you more noticeable and help viewers of similar posts to notice your page. This can help increase your follower count, as well as the number of likes on your page.


3. Like and comment on similar pages

[bf_image id="q7jwlm-37xbyw-51zexz"]Simply having followers does not guarantee that your posts will be noticed, or even that your followers will pay attention to what you post. Consistently commenting on and liking the posts of your followers means they will notice both your posts and you more. This increases the chances of them viewing your profile and engaging with your posts.


4. Contests and giveaways

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Depending on your account, your giveaways might vary, but you could offer free products or packages. This will also encourage engagement. If you have a finance account, you may wish to offer giveaways of finance packages or just offer discounts on packages. If you have a makeup page, you can offer free makeup as a prize for winning one of your contests.


5. Post regularly

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Regular posts to your stories and feed will boost viewers. People who enjoy your content and look forward to it are likely to expect regular posts. This is a good way of engaging with your followers. If you have a busy timetable, you can schedule your posts while still maintaining their quality and consistency.


6. Video content

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Videos are more noticeable; when you post several images in a row, videos can be a great way to make a post stand out from the photos. Therefore, videos are useful for a post that you really want viewers to notice and react to.


7. Reply to DM’s quickly

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Responding quickly to direct messages and queries, particularly when you have a business account, suggests good customer service and indicates a sense of reliability. Your customers are therefore more likely to remember you and recommend you to others. With a personal account, such as a personal blog, any help or guidance is likely to be appreciated by your followers, which will result in them becoming more engaged with your content.


Sonia is a Postgraduate student studying MSc Economics and Finance at King's College London. During her undergraduate degree she spent a year abroad studying at NTU Singapore and working in Germany her birth country. As a woman who desires to work in the financial sector you can catch her regularly reading the Financial Times and the Economist. She enjoys photography, painting as well as taking regular trips around the world.  
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