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To be at university is a whole new experience and sometimes a new country too. In this way, what is better than organizing a trip with friends to discover the country you are in? This can be filled with twists and turns and complications... but it's worth it. You just have to imagine yourself having fun by the beach or hiking and the motivation will be there.


With Who? 

To begin, you need the people. Who is coming with you? Who is not ? Are you mixing your groups of friends? How many people? 4? 6? 8?



Then, you need to know where you are going. For example, as I am in London I went for 3 days to Margate in Kent. It is a seaside city, where there are really pretty cliffs and a bunch of things to do! I could also go to Brighton, Bath, Cambridge or Bristol.



This one is easy enough to choose. Depending on where you are going, decide when exactly, maybe you can go during the week or maybe you prefer the weekend!

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Now that we have the basics, let’s get into the real subject. I recommend having a meeting with the people who are coming, to take care of the following points….



Knowing where you are going, you can start to make a list of fun activities there, for example biking or great walks. You need to check with everyone if there is anything special they want to see or experience and then just add it to the list!



As students, we often have to be careful about spending. This is why we have to check with each other how much to put toward the accommodation, food, outings etc. Basically, what you need is an approximate budget to start searching for everything.



The most important thing in the accommodation for students might be the location. If you are going somewhere for the weekend, you may not have a car so you will want to be in the center of the city (or in a strategic area, for example if you want to see something special nearby).


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How To Get There

It is important to have this organized well. Usually, as students, the easiest way to get to the place you want is by train or bus. It is important to take into account the time of arrival and the time of check-in for the accommodation (so you don’t have to wait too long with a suitcase).



Getting groceries can be a challenge when there are more than 2/3 people. We were personally a group of 8, so we had to be well organized. What I suggest is that only 3 or 4 people go grocery shopping and pay attention to prices and the ingredient list. Make sure that portions are enough for everyone and that the food is something you all like!



Nowadays, we are lucky to have apps like Tricount which is a life saver in terms of reimbursing who paid. It is simple to use, and it basically allows you and everyone on the trip to write who owes what to who. No tension and a great trip!


Here we are, on your way to live an amazing experience! You only need to pack and you are ready to go; have fun!


*Note: please make sure you are following the current regulations affecting your area if these are in place*



Hi! My name is Manon, I am from France and I have been traveling the world my whole life. Exploring different countries is something I am passionate about it, I love connections and differences between cultures. I would love to write about everything on this world that deserve to be known !
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