How To Enjoy Your Summer While Writing Your Dissertation


It is that time of the year! You just finished your classes, your last modules, your last exams and essays for your Masters degree but wait! It is summer time and you have to write your dissertation. This can be really frustrating I know and as someone who completed two Masters dissertations and sacrificed two of her Summers writing her dissertations I figured out a way how still to enjoy your summer besides your dissertation. So here are my tips: 

  1. Take a day off each week! 

Trust me there is nothing better than taking a day off and enjoying some me time. Watch TV, go out and meet friends, or just stay at home and read a book. However, take one day each week off to enjoy some me time because trust me your dissertation will still be fine. And in order to succeed you have to focus on yourself too! Do not neglect your wellbeing. 

 2.  Watch a new TV show 

Yes, you can still binge-watch a new TV show while writing your dissertation. I started doing that with Merlin and it was amazing and took my mind off of all the worries about my dissertation and I still managed to work on it and submit it in time. It is always good to take your mind off your dissertation even if it is just to watch a TV show. You will be surprised what wonders this can do. 

 3. Go and meet friends

Meet friends, have fun, go and enjoy dinner or just do some of the typical nice things that London has to offer during summer. Complete isolation during your dissertation will harm your mental health so trust me, go out and enjoy meeting your friends, even though it is just for a couple of hours. It will be amazing! 

 4. Go out when it is sunny! 

You can write your dissertation also outside when it is sunny. Or if you do not like that, just go out and enjoy the sun for a couple of hours and come back and write your dissertation further. Being outside can actually help your thought process and is overall just a great way to catch some breath. 

 5. Do whatever you feel like doing! 

This is the last and best tip I can give you: go and enjoy and do whatever you want to do. And yes, you can do that while writing your dissertation because remember: Take care of yourself and your dissertation result will be better than constantly worrying about it!