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Glitter and Gloss: 13 Makeup Looks to Try This Christmas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

It’s almost Christmas, and you know that means party season is in full swing. To help you stand out from the crowd and serve absolute lewks this festive season, I’ve rounded up some fantastically different makeup ideas to try out. Think stars, glitter, metallics and gloss to make you feel like a disco queen or the belle of the ball.



Talk about star-struck! Dazzle your fellow party-goers with this gold and silver toned look.



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Light up the room with sparkly lips! Vamp it up or keep it subtle, glittery lips are so in this season.



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Queens of the Smokey-Eye rejoice! Christmas isn’t always about bright colours; it’s also nice to channel a more gothic style during this wintry period.



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We’re absolutely going heart-eyes over these lips! Try stenciling this heart shape and add a layer of gloss for a super dramatic finish.



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For the minimalists amongst you that want to keep things simple and chic, try this killer winged liner with some glittery/glossy lids for that extra pop! Add a little star in the corner for that special finish.



If you’re a pastel-pink princess, try this soft and diffused look with a sliver of silver to keep it classy and polished.



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This look is all about precision liner and sporty stars. Taking inspiration from the Egyptian eye, have a go at perfecting your liner skills – but remember to use a felt tipped one to create the sharpness!



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Okay, so this look appeared earlier on the eyelids, and while it may seem impractical (how does one eat with these starry lips for instance?!), it would be a killer look to wear at a party! Or if you’re trying to watch your alcohol intake, wearing these lips is a great incentive not to drink! There’s a silver lining to everything.



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Remember those temporary tattoos you used to wear as a kid? Well, why not try them on your eyes instead? They’re pretty easy to apply and look fantastic coated with a layer of gloss – I mean look how fantastically chic this rose is!



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Time to use those extra confetti sequins from your arts and crafts supply! Wear these under your eyes (heaven knows we’d need to cover our under-eye bags from the lack of sleep!) and pair with a neutral lid for that ethereal look!



We’ll have to make a disclaimer here and say this look is for those of you who would like to tackle that expertly applied gold leaf! It might be difficult to attain, but if you manage to, you’ll look like a walking work of art. Trust us.



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One more glittery lip because we can’t get enough of these especially during Christmas! Go for pink and silver for that frosty, ice-queen finish.



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Finally, nothing screams festive period more than a bold red lippie. Try smudging slightly around the edges and layering with gloss for that high-shine finish. Your lips will look juicy and oh-so-kissable!


If you’d fancy a try at one of these makeup looks, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! Happy Christmas period!

Liz is a 22 year old English Literature student at KCL. She currently resides in Hampstead with her boyfriend, and has a tabby cat named Luna. Liz loves French New Wave cinema, 90's shoegaze music, floral design and hoarding beauty products. You'll probably catch her in a quiet bookshop with a hot chocolate, dreaming at a Curzon cinema or feasting at a dim sum joint in Chinatown.  
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