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So you’ve completed Veganuary, made it through February, and you want to take your new vegan or plant-based journey further. However, as March has come round the corner, you’ve started to realise that a weekend (now) notoriously known for chocolate and decadence yet awaits…assuming you’ve made it through Valentine’s. Well, whether you’re a Vegan veteran, a newbie, or someone dabbling in the world of plant based eating, I’m here to offer you a helping hand in this year’s Easter goodies.

First things first, I want to clarify that there is absolutely no need to feel apprehensive about a Vegan Easter. Luckily today, almost every conventional chocolate flavour and well-established brand has brought out dairy-free alternatives. The most grief that you will face will likely be from family members or unpersuaded friends, who look upon your new chocolate as something alien or bizarre… dramatic, right?! Either way, here are five of my most recommended and easiest swaps for a cruelty free Easter:


1. NOMO chocolate eggs:

With a brand whose name is quite literally an acronym for ‘No Missing Out’, NOMO chocolate is definitely a good place to start. If you’re a fan of smooth milk-chocolate then NOMO is the brand for you. Not only is the chocolate mouth-wateringly good (cliché I know), but they offer a range of both classic and decadent flavours. From “Salted Caramel”, to “Fruit and Crunch” – my personal favourite – there is a flavour to suit anyone. If you’re a fan of Cadbury’s “Fruit and Nut” range, then I’d 100% recommend going for the “Fruit and Crunch”, and if Ferrero Rocher is your staple, why not give their “Hazelnot” flavour a try? Furthermore, NOMO not only offers classic and delicious flavours, but an extra bonus of the all-inclusive brand is that their base chocolate recipe is made free from nuts too, so if a nut allergy is your obstacle then you’re also in the clear (of course, please do check allergens personally, and remember that they may differ across flavours).

You can buy NOMO eggs at all major supermarkets for around £6.


2. Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunnies:

Easter wouldn’t be the same without the famous Lindt bunnies, and if the original milk-chocolate version was your go-to Easter treat, then this is quite possibly one of the easiest swaps that you can make. Swapping to the dark-chocolate version enables you to still keep up this little tradition without any sacrifice…a win-win situation! Plus, who doesn’t love those tiny little bells that they come with?

Price: £4 in major supermarkets.


3. ASDA Free From eggs:

The ASDA Free From range provides a great option for those sticking to more of a budget this year, with eggs starting at around £3, while other chocolate goodies can be bought for just over £2. However, it isn’t just their prices that are great, but their flavours too, including chocolate orange, white chocolate, and even a chocolate honeycomb egg – a perfect swap if a “Crunchie” was your jam before. Whilst on the topic, I personally wouldn’t recommend Sainsbury’s Free From chocolate. I haven’t tried any of their Easter range myself, but their plain chocolate didn’t hit the spot when I was first on the hunt for vegan chocolate three years ago – of course, it may have changed since then. As always, have a browse and see which flavours you like best!


4. Daisy and Dam’s ‘Dark Chocolate Good Eggs’

Growing up, Cadbury’s ‘Mini Eggs’ were certainly a staple of any Easter spread. Whether you were making Easter cornflake cakes, brownies, or just dabbling in Easter snacks, these colourful little eggs managed to sneak their way into every Easter dessert. However, fear not, because Daisy and Dam’s “Dark Chocolate Good Eggs” offer a persuasive replacement, and even more, the name itself is fulfilling! After all, it is definitely fitting to eat Good Eggs after Good Friday.

Available at Holland & Barret for £1.99.


5. Hotel Chocolat anything…

If you’re looking for something a little bit special this year, then don’t worry, Hotel Chocolat also has an amazing range of Vegan Easter treats. Whether you’re hoping to send a little something to a close friend, family member, or a partner that you haven’t seen in a while, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself (it is important!), their range certainly won’t leave you scrambling for options. With eggs made of milk-chocolate, dark-chocolate, mint-chocolate, and even ginger flavoured chocolate, there is definitely an option for all. You can even get little chocolate bunnies and mini chocolate eggs. So, while a little on the pricier side (their eggs being ten to fifteen pounds), if you fancy treating yourself or another to something a little more special this year, then Hotel Chocolat has your back!


With all of these alternative Easter options in mind, I hope that you feel excited and positive about going into another, or your first, vegan Easter. Why not share some of your chocolate with doubtful friends or family, or set up an Easter version of Secret Santa and anonymously swap eggs and chocolates with friends. Afterall, while Veganuary has made a name for itself as the time to give veganism a go, what better time is there really than a holiday originally grounded in the celebration of life?


Kelly is a postgraduate student on the Early Modern English Literature: Text and Transmission MA at KCL. She graduated from Newcastle University in 2020 with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy. Alongside reading and the theatre, Kelly is passionate about the environment, feminism, yoga, and good vegan food.
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