Finding your family at KCL



Cuffing season is fast approaching. The holidays are nearly here and in about a month’s time, we will probably all be frantically packing up for a heartfelt reunion with family and friends back home. 


Before that, let’s reflect upon our present surroundings. Have you found family—or something akin to it - on campus?

Whether it’s an entire society of like-minded people, flatmates that you can chat with until wee hours of the morning or classmates that have you rolling in a fit of laughter, now is a fantastic time to acknowledge and appreciate your King’s community. We do a lot more than just just live alongside each other during the years we have here. From loudly complaining about our professor’s lecture style, waiting in line outside Guys bar on Wednesday to cramming in Maughan at 3 a.m., the experiences we share in this city, us against the big bad world, convert out relation from that of peers to that of family.

Throw a dinner party or a game night!

The perfect way to spend an evening in with friends is to throw a small dinner party for all those who have enriched your university life. Gather up some beverages and buddies and homemade food and you have yourself a potluck family dinner! Compile a playlist with some bops or cosy holiday music and perhaps even find some games to play to convert the dinner party into a fun game night. 

Small gestures

This time of year is all about giving back and being grateful for what you have. At university, where everyone is living life three thousand times faster than the usual pace, even the smallest gesture can help turn someone’s bad week into a good one. Bringing your flatmate a scoop of her favourite ice-cream, cooking dinner for a stressed out friend or even handwritten notes can really change their day. Even if it extremely out of the blue, it is never a bad time to make someone feel loved and special. If loved up messages and cuddles aren’t your thing, even a simple, “I miss you” text does the trick. 

Finding your people 

If you’re a first-year, (like me) reading this – don’t fret if you think you aren’t having the ideal perfect friends down the corridor knocking on my door, party every night sort of university life you expected. For one, the perfect experience only exists on social media where people are posting barely a second out of their day (completely out of context) and secondly, finding and establishing a tight community of people whom you trust wholeheartedly takes time, especially at a place where everyone is so busy.

Over the course of the next few months, having settled into the routine of living in London, reading for classes and attending lectures, meeting people and making new friends will become easier over time. You will meet new people in class, join different societies and attend various events. Up until the, however, be grateful for the people you do have, today. And don’t forget to be grateful for how far you’ve come – you got through one of the hardest parts of university.

King’s College is your home away from home. Give your friends the shout-out they deserve and remember to shower some love on your family here before heading back to your real one.