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Everything You Need To Know About The Roller Skating Trend

Over the past few months, roller skating has become trendy all across social media. It seems that during lockdown, many people have become nostalgic and found joy in taking up this hobby. After a video of German skater Oumi Janta went viral on Instagram, roller skating videos began to pop up everywhere. So where does this refound love of roller skating come from? Perhaps it’s because roller skating gets us moving, outside, all while being socially distanced. Perhaps it’s because there’s many dances and moves to be learnt, similar to TikTok. Or perhaps it’s because roller skates are just very pretty and make for aesthetic pictures. Or maybe it’s because many of us owned a pair of roller skates during our childhood and simply connect many good memories with it.

It’s not only social media that has taken a liking to roller skating. Gucci, for example, has recently made advertisement clips including roller skaters, and the popular TV series The Crown features Princess Diana skating through Buckingham Palace.

What the recent roller skating trend has brought with it is that people are no longer ashamed of roller skating outdoors and in public. What some people might’ve considered a quirky, child-like and uncool hobby is no longer that. It has become cool. 

Some of the benefits of roller skating are:  


1. It’s good for your mental heath and wellbeing

With lockdown 3.0 upon us, going outdoors is the only thing we can do. Roller skating is such a fun activity you can do outside, offering a welcome change to life indoors. Roller skating provides us with escapism and lets us simply forget about everything else and be in the moment. It can provide a sense of liberation and freedom.


2. You’re getting a full body workout

Even though roller skating might seem easy, it is actually exhausting, as it requires you to use your entire body. So if you find a traditional workout too dull and boring, roller skating might be for you. It will definitely get your heart pumping.


3. Improves your balance

In addition to being a great workout, roller skating requires a lot of stability and improves your balance!


4. Roller skating can be done anywhere

One of the major benefits of roller skating is that it can be done absolutely everywhere. Be it in your kitchen, the road next to your house or a skating park or venue, roller skating is a very accessible hobby that you can do almost anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need is your skates and a flat surface.


Some tips for beginners: 

If you want to buy your own pair of roller skates, Impala Skates sells very pretty, reasonably priced skaters for beginners. For a more affordable option, you are guaranteed to find some second hand skates on sites like Ebay, or perhaps someone you know has a pair you could borrow. 

The internet is full of free roller skating tutorials for beginners and advanced alike and you can find many fun tricks on YouTube as well as Instagram. 

If you need some inspiration to get you started, you can watch Oumi’s viral video here.

Or for another inspirational roller skater, see Kamry James’ Instagram profile here


Hi, my name is Chiara and I am a freshman at KCL, studying Culture, Media and Creative industries. I'm from Switzerland and love all things outdoors, such as figure-skating and skiing. In addition to that, I love writing and hope to have a career in journalism!
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