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Being an English major comes with its stereotypes, the only thing we do is read, we all wear glasses, or are shy, and many others. Well let me tell you, it is mostly true haha. I am going to give you the English major starter kit, so you can understand what studying English literature is like.

First, let’s talk about the books. Obviously being an English major means reading a lot, like a lot. Sometimes you have to read at least 3 full books a week or read 100 pages of critical reading for just one class. It is quite tough managing to read that much, so before going to major in English be aware of the amount you will be reading. I will advise you to start reading classics before the beginning of the year, to get ahead. Being an English major also means you need to have a bookshelf in your room, filled with different books of various colours. I think it is also quite important to read different genres, not only classics. I enjoy reading rom-coms in my free time and they allow me to escape from the dense and often dull books I need to read for class.

Another important thing to become the perfect English student would be to change the way you dress. One item that you absolutely need, is a tote bag. It is the perfect bag to carry to university and is super cute ! You should have at least one plaided blazer in your wardrobe and some flare jeans which I believe are the best fits for a literary student haha. The shoes you definitely need to become the perfect English student are Doc Martens, it does not matter which ones, but they are cute, comfy, and of very good quality.

Most students take their notes on their laptops, but as a literary student, you have to carry a notebook with you everywhere. I always have a small notebook and a pen in my tote bag, in case I need to either write down to do lists or take notes in seminars. I enjoy taking notes on my laptop for lectures because it is a lot faster, but handwritten notes are just a lot easier to learn from.

Most English students develop an addiction to coffee during their years of university, having to stay awake to read the amount of books you have to. I am not a fan of coffee, but I always enjoy a good hot chocolate on the way to university. Just going into a coffee shop, ordering a hot chocolate and walking with it, still hot, makes me really feel like a literary student, because it is so cliche.

Being an English major does not mean staying in your room all day to read, you can definitely go out and party… However, I often find myself spending nights at home, reading instead of going out. That is either because I have too many readings to get done or just because I really enjoy having a chill evening, reading in bed and then going to sleep early. This simply depends on your personality :)

Hey :) My name is Flore, I am from France but am currently studying in London at King's College London. I am an English major, and would like to either go into journalism or publishing after I graduate. I am a bookworm but am also passionate about travelling, and also like to watch movies and go to museums. I would love to write about the things I love and share my new life as a French student in London !
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